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Nonreaders & struggling readers who have received our instruction have made

significant & permanent gains!

We will give your child our 100% SUCCESS antidote for reading and spelling difficulties

with visible results because we are a one-of-a-kind dyslexia treatment clinic!

Dyslexia therapeutic tutoring treatment for nonreaders and struggling readers with and without other disabilities and disorders: autism, ADD/ADHD, etc., and for English language learners to learn how to fluently and accurately read, spell, and comprehend.

our passion and expertise for your child's SUCCESS 

with evident and permanent progress: a one-of-a-kind dyslexia treatment clinic!

If your child is struggling with reading, writing, spelling, and reading comprehension you have come to the right place...


to the  

Multisensory Reading Clinic

a student-centered dyslexia treatment center offering excellent & highest quality service with visible and permanent

100% success intervention & remediation!


Our 100% SUCCESS individualized Multisensory Reading & Spelling Program is a multisensory intervention, remediation, and prevention. It is very structured using the most effective and proven research-based Orton-Gillingham approach and is ideal for students who are reading and/or spelling below their expected grade levels and for those individuals with reading, spelling, and reading comprehension difficulties as well as for parents who  want to increase their children's reading and spelling skills 

It will also greatly benefit:

  • students with a specific learning disability  (dyslexia), and/or co-morbid with other learning disabilities and disorders: ADHD, autism, etc.

  • students who have been unsuccessful in learning to read, write,  and spell in a traditional way (classroom) and other reading programs

  • students who still have a 'gap' in their decoding and/or spelling, for example, your child is in grade five but has a reading level of grade two and/or has a spelling level of grade one

  •  students unable to decode and encode accurately (read and spell), who often guess at words and know many words by sight but have difficulty reading new  words

  • students able to speak but cannot read, write, or speak the English language such as the English language learners 


Multisensory Reading & Spelling Program 

visible results within the first hour of your struggling dyslexic child's first session 

Multisensory Reading System
Orton-Gillingham Training
for parents with struggling and dyslexic children

Multisensory Reading System
Orton-Gillingham Training

for teachers and para-professionals


Multisensory Reading System
Orton-Gillingham Word Lists
( for reading and spelling practice and fluency)

Multisensory Reading System
Orton-Gillingham Workbooks for students
( for schools and homes)


Advocating the right of every child to get a fair education!


Advocating the right of every child to get a fair education!


Let's Talk About Dyslexia Forum

Advocating the right of every child to get a fair education!


Advocating the right of every child to get a fair education!

Multisensory Reading Clinic
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Multisensory Reading Clinic     100% Success Orton-Gillingham Dyslexia Treatment          

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