Some important literacy instruction consideration to look for if your child has dyslexia


  • The literacy instruction for individuals with dyslexia should be code or phonics-based approach

  • The reading instructor should be specifically trained for this kind of method to ensure success

  • Individuals with dyslexia require teaching that includes seeing, hearing, doing, and feeling

  • Individuals with dyslexia need to learn step-by-step. Learning tasks should be broken down into their simplest levels. Each step should be mastered before progressing to the next step

  • Predictable and consistent environment: since individuals with dyslexia may have poor organization skills, they need structure and predictability


If the student is not making progress, it is important to re-evaluate the program.  It is also important to be realistic in setting appropriate goals for each individual.


Why traditional reading, writing, and spelling program, the whole language approach does not work for individuals with dyslexia?


  • They do not process the language  in the same way as others do

  • They specifically need instruction that is clear, organized, and multisensory

  • Because most of them are thinkers, they need to understand how to go about the task  ( i.e. a special type of phonics program that includes phonological training, they need to understand how letters represent speech)

Why traditional reading, writing, and spelling cont.


  • They need multisensory teaching  (seeing, listening, feeling, and doing)

  • They need strategies and tools

  • They need active participation in learning (focus their attention and to remember the concepts)

  • Because they forget easily, instruction should include a constant review

  • An opportunity to practice what they have just learned

  • They should feel that they have achieved their best at the end of each session

  • Success should be the goal of every lesson


From: Basic Facts About Dyslexia by: Wilkins, A,  Garside A




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