Reading comprehension how can we help Multisensory Reading Clinic, five essential components of reading, what causes problems with reading comprehension and how to help a child?

How the Language System Works: Five Essential Components of Reading

1. Phonemic/phoneme awareness - the lowest level of the language system, an awareness that words are made up of segments of sounds that are represented with letters in an alphabetic orthography. This is the part of the language where a student must learn the sounds, then blend the sounds to get the information in printed materials.

2. Phonics - the study of the relationships between the sounds and letters they represent. This is the second level of the language system where it involves writing. After learning to decode the sounds, the students will learn to print the sounds and connect them to create words. This is also the other term used to represent a reading program that deals with sounds. 

3. Fluency - 

4. Vocabulary

5. Comprehension - comprehension includes listening comprehension and reading comprehension.

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