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Why my third grader child struggles to read?

If your child struggles to read, cannot comprehend what he reads and has difficulty in spelling, you need to find out why because he might have a learning disability





Why traditional reading, writing, and spelling program, the whole language approach does not work for individuals with dyslexia?

Individuals with dyslexia do not process the language in the same way as others do and they specifically need a step by step instruction that is clear, well organized, and multisensory to obtain the maximum benefit of learning, therefore if your child is dyslexic, he needs further specific help than students without language difficulties:

  • His instruction must be clearly explained and it should be introduced one at a time, from the easiest to the most difficult concepts​

  • He needs a multisensory way of teaching using the seeing, listening, and feeling

  • They get bored easily thus he needs an active participation in learning using the , I do, we do, you do method.

  • Because most of them are thinkers, he needs to understand what do you want him to achieve such explain to him the rules of c, k, ck  and ways to remember the rules.

  • He needs strategies and tools or "tricks and tips" to remember the learned concepts, such as the c, k, ck rules and strategies

  • Because they forget easily, his instruction should include a constant and correct review of the concepts he has learned

  • Most of them are disorganized and get easily distracted,  thus he needs a predictable environment that is free of distraction and must know how to go about the task. He must know where to go, and what he should to do first and then next

  • He should feel that he has achieved his best at the end of each session

  • Success should be the goal of every lesson 


so what is the BEST reading instruction for my dyslexic child?

 Your decision today is your CHILD'S tomorrow!

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