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I. Structured Orton-Gillingham Tutoring:

Literacy Intervention, Remediation & Prevention for struggling children, teenagers, and adults

  • Our 100% Success  Multisensory Reading and Spelling program is a structured literacy intervention, remediation and prevention and is ideal for nonreaders and struggling readers with dyslexia and other disabilities and disorders who are reading and/or spelling below their expected grade level and/or increase the student's reading and spelling skills.

 Summer Intensive Multisensory Reading and Spelling Program

  • This program is open to all students who would like to increase their reading and spelling skills and improve their reading comprehension during the summer.

II. Reading Assessment: Standardized and In-house

  • For us to know what to teach and how to teach, a reading evaluation is mandatory before commencing the



III. Multisensory Reading System (MRS) Workshops & Training

a. For Educators

b. For Parents

IV. Multisensory Reading System (MRS) Orton-Gillingham Products

a. MRS Orton-Gillingham Word Lists

b. MRS Orton-Gillingham Student Workbooks

V. Dyslexia Consultation: Early literacy/Literacy Treatment

The initial consultation for reading and spelling is complimentary before the treatment

  • Consultation after the initial meeting and training for feedback, lessons review, and/or ongoing training

  • Other literacy consultations: information, suggestions, recommendations, etc.​

 Your decision today is your CHILD'S tomorrow!

Multisensory Reading Clinic Dyslexia Therapeutic Tutoring     Orton-Gillingham Instruction

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