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Teaching students to learn how to read and spell the English language properly - meaning without asking the learners to memorize words, is complex and not easy because English is a complex language.  When we learn English, we are learning not one, but three languages and more—each with its own phonology, structure, rule, strategy and technique.


With close to a million words and counting and has the largest vocabulary and it is still growing, English language has many variants and has one of the most complex alphabetic orthographies. Therefore, the training, workshops and courses  to learn the English language even for teachers must be divided into different levels so that it will not be too overwhelming for the participants.


Together, we can make impossible, possible!

MRS Workshop Level 1 -  a multisensory structured Orton-Gillingham approach language instruction for beginners 


This eight- hour workshop is ideal for kindergarten, grade one, and special needs teachers

At the end of the workshop, participants will be able teach students with at least low cognitive ability and with intact vision and hearing to read and spell the consonant-vowel-consonant (cvc) pattern known and unknown words, meaning without memorizing words

The workshop will cover the following:

a. Basic information about and the emotional consequences of dyslexia

b. Identifying the student at risk

c. Brief history of the Language

d.The rationale of the Orton-Gillingham approach

e. Phonemes - the sounds of consonants and short vowels

f. Phoneme blending and segmentation, cvc pattern

g. Strategies, tips and techniques to teach cvc pattern words in reading, spelling and manuscript handwriting 

h. Strategies, tips and techniques to teach sight words - cvc pattern

i. Strategies  to teach structured manuscript and sounds at the same time

j. Typical multisensory lesson plan

k. Make and take sounds and cvc pattern words - an access to our sounds and minimal word cards from the more than 100,000 word cards that we have made


In addition to the teachers training, schools can purchase the digital copies of our structured workbooks for each student so that teachers' work will be easier for the whole school year. 


We can also offer an on-going support to deal with students difficulties in learning to read and spell minimal words such as b/d  and b/p reversals, difficulties identifying the short vowels o/a/u; i/e  and when to use the consonants c, k and ck  in reading and spelling and many more!

The next level of workshop will still focus on one syllable words such as the consonant blends: block, crunch, -ng, nk pattern,  silent e pattern, etc., as well as the basic reading and spelling assessment for  grade two teachers.



DO NOT RUIN the future of your students, get help or change career because we are not qualified to call ourselves teachers if we do not know how to teach!

 Your decision today is your STUDENTS' tomorrow!

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