for parents who have a child with dyslexia


How to choose a tutor for a child with dyslexia who struggles to learn how to read, spell, and comprehend?


Your third grader child cannot read and spell,  or is struggling to read and spell so you need a tutor…

Your child’s tutor MUST explicitly teach your child the rules of the language (English/French) along with strategies and techniques to remember the rules that he needs to learn to read and spell. The tutor’s instruction should be from the easiest to the most difficult concepts of the language using the seeing, touching, and feeling in a one-to-one I do, we do, and you do approach to get the best result of learning.

While learning to read and spell depend on the capacity of your child to learn, you MUST see any improvement of your child’s reading and spelling skills, within, at least, 15 sessions; for example, your child should be able to connect some of the sounds and can read and spell some minimal words such as “rag,” “sap,” “mad” even if he has not seen these words.

If the tutor is not giving instruction and strategies to your child on how to read and spell and he is only reading words, sentences, and paragraphs to him, then the tutor is NOT teaching your child to read and spell, but is only helping him to memorize words and you too can do that... in the comfort of your own home.

Therefore, NOT only you are wasting all of your resources, but also you are NOT helping your child to better himself!

In addition to having a tutor who can explicitly teach your child the rules and strategies of the language systematically, cumulatively in a multisensory approach of instruction your child must also need a substantial amount of accurate practice of the concepts that he has learned. Consider this as teaching your child how to ride a bike or play hockey; if you would not teach your child how to pedal the bike properly or teach him how to hit the puck in the right angle, then those endless practices would not come into fruition. 

Finally, there is  NO SUCH THING AS A QUICK FIX LITERACY INTERVENTION & REMEDIATION, even if you hire the best reading teacher in the world to help a dyslexic child who cannot read and spell, let alone with other disabilities and disorders. It takes several years of formal schooling to learn how to read and spell with approximately 180 hours, one school year of instructions for each grade level in regular schools for individuals without language difficulties and if your child has not learned to read and spell in a regular classroom then how would it be possible for him to reach his reading and spelling level quickly? Even a year of intensive intervention is not enough to reach his grade level because it all depends on many factors such as your child's capacity to learn, the severity of his disabilities, how often he sees the tutor and the complexity of the rules of the English language.


Be realistic of your child's reading and spelling goals because even yourself, you might cannot make it!

Now that you have a tutor, what kind of reading program is the best and the most effective for your dyslexic child?





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