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Our workbooks, our GIFT to you, from us...


We are well aware that a fairly large amount of students in our society struggles to read and many of them would learn to read and spell much better if they have the help they need.

What makes our workbooks different from others?

Our workbooks are based on the Orton-Gillingham approach and from our successful experience with dyslexic students. They integrate phonological awareness, phonics, fluency, vocabulary, and comprehension through systematic, logical, and sequential step-by-step lessons. While they are for nonreaders and struggling readers from kindergarten and up, everyone can benefit from our workbooks including the second language learners whose reading and spelling acquisitions are below their expected level.


Our workbooks include strategies and rules of the English language. They are systematic and explicit. The organization of the materials follows the logical order of the language. The sequence begins with the most basic and easiest elements of the concepts and progresses to more difficult lessons.  The introduction of each step is based on the concepts previously presented. All lessons, words, activities, and keywords to remember the sounds have meticulously been chosen to facilitate reading and spelling effectively.  In addition, our materials offer substantial activities for practice to reinforce learning and to help students build their reading and spelling fluency.

However, if you do not know our approach to reading, spelling, and penmanship instructions, we recommend taking our MRS literacy workshops, training, or blended online self-learning literacy courses, or else you are buying our product at your own risk! Of course, our one-to-one instruction is beyond compare, but using our workbooks with MRS-trained teachers is better than not learning at all.



All rights reserved. EACH workbook is for ONE STUDENT only and NOT for commercial purposes. No part of our Engaging Minds Multisensory Reading System Workbooks may be altered, reproduced, transmitted, or utilized in any form or by any electronic or mechanical means, including photocopying, recording, and storing information without permission in writing from the author.

Engaging Minds

Multisensory Reading System Workbooks For Schools

1. MRS Student Workbook 1

a. MRS Sounds and Structured Handwriting Workbooks for Beginners

- The Most Essential Workbook for Reading, Spelling, Writing, and Penmanship


Learning to read and spell effectively starts with learning the sounds of the language properly and how to write them correctly, hence this is the introduction workbook. It is ideal for kindergarten or beginners. This is the most essential literacy workbook because it is the preparation for reading, spelling, writing, and comprehension.

Along with the critical component of effective reading, spelling, and writing, consonants and short vowels are also arranged structurally.  We have also added the strategies and techniques of the English language such as the reversals of b/d and p/b, as well as confusions with sounds such as t/d, f/v, and short vowels a/o/u and i/e, in addition to substantial activities for the whole school year.

b. MRS Student Workbook for Beginners - CVC pattern

- The foundation for learning to read, write, spell, and comprehend - the only workbook you need to start learning to read, write and spell the proper way!

This is the ONLY workbook you need to help each student with at least low average cognitive ability and intact vision and hearing to independently and accurately start learning to read, write, and spell correctly.

With more than 375 pages of learning to read, write, and spell, this workbook contains lessons and exercises for a whole year of teaching. It is based on the Orton-Gillingham approach and is designed to gradually teach the student to decode words using sounds, rules of the English language, strategies, and techniques to learn the language better, as well as keywords to remember the sounds.

But perhaps, this workbook is too structured for students without language impairments, contact us if we can modify some contents

c. MRS Consonant Digraph One-Syllable Word Student Workbook

2. MRS Student Workbook 2

 Your decision today is your STUDENTS' tomorrow!

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