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Our workbooks, our GIFT to you, from us....


We are well aware that a fairly large amount of students in our society struggles to read and many of them would learn to read and spell much better if they have the help they need.

What makes our workbooks different from others?

Our workbooks are based on the Orton-Gillingham approach and from our successful experience with dyslexic students. They integrate phonological awareness, phonics, fluency, vocabulary and comprehension through systematic, logical and sequential step by step lessons . While they are for nonreaders and struggling readers from kindergarten and up, everyone can benefit from our workbooks including the second language learners whose reading and spelling acquisitions are below their expected level. 


 Our workbooks include strategies  and rules of the English language. They are systematic and explicit. The organization of the materials follows the logical order of the language. The sequence begins with the most basic and easiest elements of the concepts and progresses to more difficult lessons.  The introduction of each step is based on the concepts previously presented. All lessons, words, activities, and keywords to remember the sounds have meticulously been chosen to facilitate reading and spelling effectively.  In addition, our materials offer substantial activities for practice to reinforce learning and to help students build their reading and spelling fluency.

However, it is ideal that whoever supervises the learners to use our materials must have the knowledge of our approach to reading, spelling and penmanship instructions.  For this reason, we are offering the Multisensory Reading System Literacy Workshops

 Your decision today is your STUDENTS' tomorrow!

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