OUR workshops


Our school-year 2018-2019 workshop schedule is indefinite due to our hectic schedule


  • Early Literacy Skills Training Workshop for teachers  (in-school only): Multisensory Structured Approach Language Instruction  for Beginners 


Not everyone can learn how to read, but we believe we can teach students  with at least low cognitive ability and intact vision to fluently and accurately read and spell


To date, we have a 100% SUCCESS rate; all of our students have made  significant and permanent gains - we want to share our knowledge and skills to our fellow educators, so that they can teach most of their students, if not all, to fluently and accurately read and spell



  • Early Literacy Skills Training Workshop for Parents 


We believe that parents/guardians can help their children to take  their first step in reading, writing, and spelling and this training workshop is for them



  • Literacy Workshop


         a. Parent/Guardian Workshop (In-school/community ONLY)

              How Can You Help Your Child Learn to Read and Get Him

              Interested in Reading


b. Parent/Guardian ON-Site Information Workshop -- soon to be offered : due to a high demand of our service, we are looking forward to move into a bigger space so that we can offer workshops for parents/guardians who need information about their loved ones who have difficulty in learning to read 

 teach                                                            tutor                                                            train

Multisensory Reading Clinic Dyslexia Therapeutic Tutoring

Orton-Gillingham Instruction

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