"For DYSLEXICS, reading appears to be beyond their grasps..."Sally Shaywitz, 2003


       but we can make reading, spelling and comprehension POSSIBLE for them and... 


 OUR multisensory reading system (MRS)


MRS Blended Online Self-Learning Literacy Courses for Parents/Guardians


Our blended online self-learning literacy courses are a mixture of self-paced online learning and web-conferencing using the Skype virtual classroom for classes, YouTube for online self-learning, and Facebook Group for discussions among peers.

The complexity of the English language needs expert instruction with teachers who also have specific skills to successfully teach the individuals, especially the students with specific language difficulty to accurately read, write, spell, and comprehend. While we cannot guarantee how far and how much you can learn from us, our basic literacy courses are a good start for you to help your child's basic academic needs.

         a. MRS Blended Online Self-Learning Literacy Course Level 1     $895.00 CAD - Coming Soon 

Usually taught in kindergarten and grade 1 for regular schools and for students without language disabilities and disorders, this self-learning course 1 is the backbone for learning to read, write, spell and comprehend the English language. This is the literacy foundation because this lesson deals with learning the most basic individual sounds and how to connect and pull them out so that you, our Student can teach your own child to read and spell the minimal words the proper way – meaning without asking your child to memorize words.


It is appropriate for students who do not have the knowledge of the basic sounds, the consonant-vowel-consonant (CVC) pattern, and how to decode and encode them correctly.


It is the best option if you do not have the resources for your child's literacy needs and this is also the cheapest way to help your child to learn the basic literacy skills because you will save at least 50% of the cost of our 15 initial sessions ($2,025 CAD). In addition, you will get the possible help we can extend for the success of your child within your term.

At the end of this course, the student should be able to teach the child with at least low cognitive ability and with intact vision and hearing to read and spell the consonant-vowel-consonant (CVC) pattern known and unknown words.


This course will cover the following:

  1. Basic information about dyslexia and the emotional consequences  of dyslexia

  2. A brief history of the English language

  3. The rationale of the Orton-Gillingham approach

  4. Phonemes – the sounds of consonants, short vowels, and the consonant digraphs

  5. Phoneme blending and segmentation – CVC pattern

  6. Strategies tips and techniques to teach CVC pattern words in reading, spelling, and manuscript handwriting

  7. Strategies, tips, and techniques to teach sight words – elemental level, within the level 1 course

  8. Strategies to teach structured manuscript and sound at the same time

  9. Typical multisensory lesson plan


What is included?

        I.            Lessons

  • Self-paced online learning – valid for 60 days upon the activation of the account. It allows the student to go through the content of the course as quickly or as slowly as s/he wants within the 60 days period.

  • Virtual classes – 3 sessions with a maximum of 55 minutes each session.  Participants can arrange the virtual classes as soon as possible and the ideal schedule is after the self-paced online learning.

Timeslots: from Tuesdays through Fridays Eastern Time Zone

12:00 to 12:55 noon

1:05 – 2:00 pm

2:10 – 3:05 pm

9:45 – 10:15 pm

10:25 – 11:20 pm

11:30 – 12:25 pm


First session – Assessment – Each Student will be tested about the lessons. Depending on the outcome of the assessment, the Student might receive additional instruction via Skype and the Student might ask to go over again the self-paced online learning


Second Session: Second assessment, review, and follow up. The Student might receive another evaluation, or additional instruction, and/or the session will be spent for consultation or discussions, such as questions and answers  segment


Third Session – Final round-up discussions questions and answers portion.

  • Facebook discussions with peers – Student can interact and collaborate with peers

      II.            Material Copies via PowerPoint and PDF

  1. Elemental sounds, consonants, and vowels with keywords to remember the sounds

  2. Elemental sounds consonant digraph sounds with keywords to remember the sounds

  3. Consonant-vowel-consonant words

  4. Consonant digraph words

  5. Basic sight words within the level 1 course

  6. Simple sentences with CVC pattern words within the level 1 course

  7. MRS Student Workbook personalized copy for your child only

  8. MRS Word Fluency Chart

  9. MRS Spelling Fluency Chart

  10. MRS Individualized Lesson Plan Template

  11. MRS Handwriting worksheets

  12. MRS Student’s CVC Isolated Sounds Assessment

 Your decision today is your CHILD'S tomorrow!

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