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Millions of Capable Children Cannot Read, Their Teachers Do Not Know How to Teach. You are GUILTY!

Millions of capable children cannot read or struggles to read and perhaps one of them is your precious child, and his future would be:

  • unemployed

  • on welfare

  • juveniles who appear in court

  • prison inmate

Reading instruction in school is the root cause of students' academic failure because their teachers do not know how to teach reading and spelling, yet most of them pretend that they know how to teach. They are blaming their incompetency to either students or parents of the struggling students. That is a very shameful act! Reading teachers, get help or change career. You are not qualified to call yourselves teachers if you do not know how to teach them Learn more:

The schools' reading instruction is based on guessing and memorization, in the research field we commonly referred this controversial approach as the whole language. Learn more:

As a parent of a struggling child, you need to advocate when your child falls behind because no one cares as deeply about your child as you do. You need to know what is the best and the proper instruction for your child and do not allow the school to blame or ridicule your child or you for their failure! Learn more:

The POWER of Knowing

Free information, help, tips, and resources

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