Our School System is a Failure: Reading teachers & leaders who do not know how to teach & lead

Updated: May 6

Millions of our capable children struggle to read and some of them cannot read because their reading teachers in schools do not know how to teach reading and spelling and yet most of them pretend that they know how to teach. Some of them blame the students and the parents of the struggling students for their incompetency. What a very shameful act! Reading teachers, you are not qualified to call yourselves teachers if you do not know how to teach. Get the help or change career! Their school heads and the schools where they came from, as well as the Ministry of Education Jean-Francois Roberge, do not have an idea what is the effective ways to teach reading and spelling. These people are the root cause of our children's failure. Why they are even in the field of education?

Here is the proof: Approximately, 53 percent of the Quebec population struggle to read and 19 percent of that percentage are unable to read and write. Source:

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