Monthly Intensive Multisensory Reading & Spelling Program - Online via Skype. Prices vary depending on the payment plan and the number of sessions per term.




This is a first-come, first-served basis. Payment MUST be received via Interac within 24 hours of the Student's tentative timeslots receipt and the password must be the name of the Student. Once we received the payment, we will confirm and send the schedule of the Student in PDF format.


If you want to continue with the program and to keep the Student's time slot, the renewal of this term is every 15th of the month. For example, you purchased and use this term in January and you would like to continue with the program for February,  to keep the Student's timeslot, you need to purchase the February monthly term on or before January 15th. 


Also, a reading evaluation is mandatory before our Multisensory Reading & Spelling Program is initiated.


Available Options: Multisensory Reading & Spelling Program Plan 

By Term:

Fall: September - December

Winter: January - March

Spring: April - June

Summer: July - August


Unlimited Sessions: Until the student will reach his appropriate grade reading level

Monthly Multisensory Reading & Spelling Program

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