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Ministry of Education Quebec, Jean-Francois Roberge  is a FAILURE so as our Quebec Education System

The Province of Quebec ranks next-to-last in Canada in terms of literacy and approximately 53 percent of the population in Quebec are poor readers that they cannot even function well in our society and 19% of this population cannot read and write, according to Levesque, C. 2015, and for sure the result is even worst under the leadership of the Ministry of Education Jean Francois Roberge--he failed us and our education system is a failure!


Reading is difficult for many people because they do not understand the system of their language so as the teachers who taught them how to read or else they should be able to read, am I correct?


Understanding the system means, learning the structure of the language, and the rules, and strategies that govern the language. For example, English and French are based on the elemental sounds – the speech sounds, therefore when we teach French and English, we need to teach the students the sounds- correctly and how to connect them properly, so that even the kindergarten can start learning to read.


Along with the sounds, we also need to teach them the structure, rules, and strategies followed by the meaning of the words and text organizations in addition to reading textbooks and literature.

 Your decision today is your CHILD'S tomorrow!

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