The Rules of Syllable Division

1. Closed Syllable - a syllable with one vowel and the vowel is a short vowel sound, ending in one or more consonants, example: Max

2. Vowel-Consonant-e Syllable - a syllable with a long vowel sound with one vowel followed with one consonant and the final vowel sound is e and the e is silent, example: mule

3. Open Syllable - a syllable that ends with a long vowel sound with a one vowel letter, example: gnu

4. Vowel Team - a syllable with short, long, and/or diphthong vowel sounds with a letter and/or letters combination, example: bear

5. Vowel-r - a syllable with one vowel letter followed by r, sometimes called r-controlled, example: tern

6. Consonant-le Syllable - a syllable with a consonant followed by l and e and  e is silent, example: turtle



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