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The voice of the underprivileged struggling students to the

Ministry of Education Quebec, Jean-Francois Roberge

" Quebec announces $150 million for tablets and laptops for fall classes," and "the government's priorities also include students with disabilities or learning difficulties."


Is there any improvement of the students with disabilities' reading & spelling skills from the 150 million taxpayers' bank account?

The future of the students who fail to read well: 

  • 75% unemployed

  • 85% of juveniles who appear in court

  • 60% prison inmate

 Source: International Dyslexia Association, Hall, S. Moats L, 1999

Individuals and students' emotional, behavioral and social problems are associated with failure to learn how to read well! It is just common sense

"The increase in the number of children having difficulty reading...(is)... how reading is being taught in our schools." Hall S. Moats, L. 1999

 Your decision today is your CHILD'S tomorrow!

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