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Have you ever wondered if your child can really read the Walmart, Tim Horton's and McDonald signs?

Once a parent told us, “I do not know why our child cannot read anymore, he is actually very smart!” "At 2 years old he is already reading words!" "He can read the panels of 'Walmart,' 'McDonald,' 'Subway,' 'Tim Horton’s' and Stop sign!" "He can even read the words on the boxes of his favourite food like 'Cheerios', 'Kraft Dinner,' 'Lucky Charms,' etc!”

Your child can recognize all of these words in print because he has seen these words and has been exposed to these visual images embedded with specific letter patterns, colors, and concepts. This is what we called the prealphabetic reading and writing, the first phase of reading and spelling development that we sometimes called the logographic stage. It occurs at the early age of children until 4 years old and so.

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