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getting help FOR YOUR CHILD'S Reading PROBLEM

Your child is already in his second or third grade, but he still cannot read and/or struggles to read and spell, and/or your child cannot comprehend what he read!

You need to find out why. You want to know the nature of your child's literacy problems because his learning difficulties will never go away and your child's self-esteem and self-confidence without a doubt, will be affected, but what should you do...

1. No one knows your child better than you do. Understand what is going on around him. Do you think he has a specific language difficulty called dyslexia?

2. Get an evaluation as soon as possible, but remember, not everyone can diagnose dyslexia, therefore, ask your child's psychologist if he can help you with this matter.

3. Find solutions to your child's literacy problems but be aware that your child has specific language difficulties and you are not looking for ordinary help but a very specific tutor, a reading specialist for your child's specific reading and spelling problems, as well as comprehension difficulties. Remember reading with and to your child is NOT teaching him to read, and you too can do that

4.  Also, be realistic with your child's learning goals. No one can reach his grade reading level in just a few sessions/ few months or even after a year of intensive literacy intervention because learning to read and spell takes one school year, in at least, each grade level for students without language difficulties.

5. Monitor the progress of your child's reading and spelling skills; if there are no changes after the 15 sessions of your child's reading skills, change tutor!

Visit our frequently asked questions page for a quick information

 Your decision today is your CHILD'S tomorrow!

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