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What is Dyslexia?


  • Difficulty with language

  • May have difficulty with reading, spelling, understanding the language they hear, or expressing themselves clearly in speaking or in writing

  • An unexpected gap exists between their potential for learning and their school achievement

  • No two people with dyslexia are alike

  • Each has individual strengths and weaknesses

  • Often other members of the family have  similar challenges (i.e. a parent, sister, brother, uncle, grandparent have difficulty learning to read and spell)


What Are Some Signs of Dyslexia?


  • Difficulty learning to talk

  • Difficulty pronouncing words correctly or expressing ideas clearly

  • Difficulty listening and following directions

  • Difficulty remembering names, symbols, or lists

  • Difficulty learning the alphabet

  • Difficulty sequencing and/or forming letters or numbers

  • Difficulty isolating and sequencing sounds (i.e. t-a-n)


Additional Characteristics that may Accompany Dyslexia


  • Poor ability to finish work on time,

  • Poor pencil grip and messy handwriting

  • Poor attention and poor ability to focus on a task

  • Poor sense of time or space

  • Poor concept of before and after, left and right

  • Poor organization and inability to complete homework

  • It May be literal, concrete, or inflexible

  • Difficulty reading  body language 

What Dyslexia is Not


  • It is not a sign of poor intelligence

  • It is not the result of laziness or of not caring

  • It is not a disease

  • It cannot be cured with pills, diets, or medical treatments

  • It is not an eye problem

  • It is not outgrown, although individuals with dyslexia can learn how to learn


Excerpt from: Basic Facts About Dyslexia by: Wilkins, A,  Garside A

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