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pre-alphabetic stage of reading and writing

Have you ever wondered if your child can really  “read” the ‘Walmart' and ‘McDonald’ signs?


Once a parent told us, “I do not know why our child cannot read anymore, he is very smart! "At 3 years old he is already reading words!" "He can read the panels of 'Walmart,' 'McDonald,' 'Subway,' 'Tim Horton's and Stop sign!" "He can even read the words on the boxes of his favorite food like 'Cheerios', 'Kraft Dinner,' 'Lucky Charms,' etc!”


Your child can recognize all of these words in print because someone is reading these words that he has seen and has been exposed to these visual images embedded with specific letter patterns, colors, and concepts. For example, you might have said let's go to McDonald's or Walmart and your child has seen the McDonald's and Walmart words and has been exposed to these patterns. This is what we called pre-alphabetic reading and writing,  the first phase of reading and spelling development that we sometimes called the logographic stage. It occurs at the early age of children until 4 years old and so.


At this stage, they do not know how our language works and they do not know that letters represent sounds but they have an idea that print represents spoken messages. They do not have the strategy rather than memorizing the visual patterns in their physical context such as the way they see the McDonald, Walmart, or Burger King panels, traffic and restroom signs, as well as flashcards with pictures.


They are also at the stage of pre alphabetic stage in the way they spell – a string of familiar letters that they tried to sound out and put their ideas into print. Recognizing words in visual images and writing strings of letters is only in a pre-alphabetic development of reading and writing and the children should move to the most critical aspect toward reading success the early alphabetic reading and writing stage where they learn the alphabetic principle of our language usually in the kindergarten and grade one level.

to be continued...​

 Your decision today is your CHILD'S tomorrow!

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