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Do you want your child to learn how to read and spell effectively, efficiently, and independently so that he can comprehend what he read while saving thousands of dollars? Learn the best and the most effective reading and spelling skills and teach your child, we will help you!


Teaching children to learn how to read and spell the English language correctly - meaning without asking the learners to memorize words is not easy because English is a complex language.  The words from the English language come from different sources and languages such as Old and Middle English, Latin and French, etc.,  —each with its phonology, structure, rules, strategies, and techniques.


Also, with close to a million words and counting and has the largest vocabulary and is still growing, the English language has many variants and has one of the most complex alphabetic orthographies. Therefore, the training, workshops, and courses to learn the English language even for teachers must be divided into different levels so that it will not be too overwhelming for the participants.


Our Multisensory Reading System (MRS) Orton-Gillingham Literacy Training is open to all parents with children and those with dyslexia as well as parents who would like to increase their children’s reading and spelling skills.


Via Skype, we will teach parents how to teach their children to learn how to read and spell even words their children have not seen so that their children can comprehend what they read. We will also give the parents the tools and support they need during and after the training.

Multisensory Reading System 


Literacy Training for Parents

subject to modification based on the participant/s capacity to learn

Please note, Level 1 is a prerequisite for Level 2, Level 2 is a prerequisite for Level 3, and so on…

Strategies, rules, and tips for reading and spelling are included in the training package.

Additional training, sessions, and consultations,  if needed have additional fees at CAD 120.00 per hour via Skype and are subject to our available timeslots

Also, your child must have at least low cognitive ability and intact vision and hearing because not everyone can learn to read

MRS Orton-Gillingham Literacy Training for Parents Level 1  

At the end of the training, participants will be able to teach students with at least low cognitive ability and with intact vision and hearing to read and spell closed syllable, one-syllable words including the exceptions to the closed syllable, meaning without memorizing  the words but this concept must be divided into five segments because it is too overwhelming for the participants - TBA

What is included

1. Lecture/instruction and hands-on training

  • Identifying the student at risk -at-a-glance

  • Basic information about dyslexia and the emotional consequences of dyslexia

  • A brief history of the language

  • The rationale of the Orton-Gillingham approach

  • Phonemes - the sounds of consonants and short vowels

  • Phoneme blending and segmentation, closed syllable, one-syllable words how to teach reading and spelling effectively

    • VC/CVC pattern

    • Floss double ff, ll, ss,

    • Closed syllable exception: ind, ild, ost, old, olt

    • Consonant digraphs, closed syllable sh, ck, ch, th, wh, qu, ng, nk

    • Final/ending blends closed syllable i.e. elk

    • Trigraph -tch itch, batch

    • Initial/beginning  with two-letter blends, i.e. sloth, frog, skink

    • Initial/beginning with three-letter blends  i.e sprint, scratch, splash

  • Strategies, tips, and techniques to teach closed-syllable, one-syllable words in reading and spelling

  • Strategies, tips, and techniques to teach sight/red words - basic one-syllable words

  • Strategies to teach structured manuscripts and sounds at the same time

  • Typical multisensory lesson plan

  • Make and take sounds and word cards: closed syllable, one-syllable words including exceptions to the closed syllable words

2. Materials: 29.95+ taxes = $34.43 + shipping cost if mail it to the registrant

  • Back-to-back 8 1/2 X11 paper arranged in appx 19 ring binding machine ready to use to be distributed before the training or mail it to the registrant. Registrant has the via email confidential mode access of materials online two weeks before the training
    • MRS VC/CVC with suffix s word list, - more than 1000 words

    • MRS Floss double ff, ll, ss - more than 200 words

    • MRS Closed syllable exception: ind, ild, ost, old, olt - more than 100 words

    • MRS Consonant digraphs, closed syllable sh, ck, ch, th, wh, qu - more than 400 words

    • MRS Welded sounds - ng, -nk - more than 200 words

    • MRS Final/ending blends closed syllable i.e. elk - more than 200 words 

    • MRS Trigraph -tch itch, batch - more than 50 words

    • MRS Initial/beginning  with two-letter blends, i.e. sloth, frog, skink - more than 300 words

    • MRS Initial/beginning with three-letter blends  i.e sprint, scratch, splash - more than 300 words

    • MRS basic keywords with pictures in black & white

    • MRS The Basic Sounds of the English Language poster: black and white 8.5X11 inches paper

    • MRS Reading & Spelling Diagnostic Reading & Spelling Test Recording & Tracking Form

    • MRS Reading & Spelling Diagnostic Reading & Spelling Student Form

    • MRS Lesson Plan Form

    • MRS Reading Fluency Chart

    • MRS Spelling Fluency Chart

Please Note: All of the materials are the property of the Multisensory Reading Clinic and they all have strong watermarks.

4. MRS Certificate of Training Accomplishment: you need to be able to teach your child to get this certificate

3. Complimentary Support: Two additional appointments per group via Skype, 30 minutes each within 120 days after the lecture  


What the participants need: optional but highly recommended

Before the training

1. Pre-read the materials

2. Write the words on the white index cards 3X5" from album 2 fluency /a/ for hands-on training 


During the training:

1. Index cards 3X5 inches - cheaper at the dollar store for word & sound cards, strategies, coding, teaching guide

- appx 60 white

- appx 5 each colored: pink, blue, blue-green, mustard, light yellow, neon green, neon yellow, etc 

2. Markers: black, red, blue other colors, optional to write on the cards

3. 1 shower curtain ring - cheaper at the dollar store to hold the order of the teaching guide

4. puncher to poke the cards of the teaching guide

5. Papers and pens for note taking

6. Additional items needed per pair for hands-on training: you can pick your partner before the training to arrange who will be bringing what items

- a tray with uncooked rice

- small whiteboard and markers: black, red blue

- sheets of paper for spelling, writing sentences, etc

- index cards and markers: red, black blue to write strategies

- stopwatch for a one-minute fluency

7.  Your snack, drinks, and lunch: we have a very hectic schedule

8. Other items will be provided by the Multisensory Reading Clinic


After the training: Optional

1. Index cards 3X5 inches for interactive teaching

-white to write the sounds, words for structured & fluency, and strategies

-colored for coding and vowels: pink, blue, mustard, green, neon green, neon yellow, etc.

2. Markers to use for writing on the cards

3. Binders for each student to keep their materials and books organized

4. Trays with uncooked rice for interactive teaching

5. Whiteboards and markers for interactive teaching


  • Contact us, we will send you the registration form. Please indicate if it is for an individual invoice or the school board

  • Acceptable payment: Check payable to Multisensory Reading Clinic or via Interac to this email: Materials will follow after the payment is cleared


Refund and Cancellation:

  • The registrant will be charged 25% of the total cost and $150 for cancellation and/or withdrawal fees before access to the materials

  • Once you have access to the materials, a 50% refund, and $150 cancellation and withdrawal fees will be charged. 

  • In extenuating circumstances, the Multisensory Reading Clinic may reschedule the training, and/or change the training venue. The registrant may also change her time slots from the Multisensory Reading Clinic's available schedule or s/he may be issued a credit to be used within a year of the date issued for any training, services, and products.

Registrants must agree to our terms and conditions that our MRS OG literacy training is for classroom educators to be used in one-on-one, group remediation, and regular classroom settings inside the school's premises. All payments must be cleared as stated on the invoice and no individuals are allowed inside the training venue without the signed terms and conditions.

In addition to the teachers' training, schools can purchase digital copies of our workbooks for each student so that the teacher's work will be easier for the whole school year.

We can also offer ongoing support to deal with students' difficulties in learning to read, spell, and comprehension such as b/d, b/p, from/form, gril/girl, etc reversals, difficulties identifying short and long vowels when to use the consonants c, k, ck; how to teach and divide longer words for reading and spelling and many more!

Curious about the next MRS OG CE training? 

 Your child's  SUCCESS  is just a click away!

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Multisensory Reading Clinic   100% Success Dyslexia Orton-Gillingham Treatment 

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