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MUltisensory Reading System

Orton-Gillingham Workbooks

(in working progress)

What makes our workbooks different from others?

Our workbooks are based on the Orton-Gillingham approach and our successful experience with our dyslexic students. They integrate phonological awareness, phonics, fluency, vocabulary, and comprehension through systematic, logical, and sequential step-by-step lessons. They also include strategies and techniques and activities for effective reading and spelling and to reinforce the students learning. While they are for nonreaders and struggling readers from kindergarten and up, everyone can benefit from our workbooks, including the second language learners whose reading and spelling acquisitions are below their expected level.

Below are our possible MRS OG Workbooks, but subject to change


MRS 1 Closed Syllable, One syllable Word--AVAILABLE NOW---- RS OG CVC 1.1AA

180 pages; additional activities with pictures, additional pages on how to learn the sounds and how to execute the lowercase letters of the alphabet - ideal for younger students who need more practice


153 pages ; additional activities with pictures - ideal for younger students 


133 pages; fewer pages - ideal for older students

1.2 duck consonant digraphs, closed syllable sh, ck, ch, th, wh, qu, ng, nk*

1.2.1 sh/ch

1.2.2 c, k, ck

1.2.3 ng, nk ---AVAILABLE NOW: Visit our Shop

1.3 floss double ff, ll, ss, closed syllable exception

1.4 elk ending blends, closed syllable

1.5 slothblends with l closed syllable

1.6 frog blendswith r closed syllable

1.7 skink blends with s and t closed syllable

1.8 sprint blends three letters closed syllable and trigraphs

MRS 2 Closed Syllable, Two-Syllable Words


2.1A rabbit

2.1B chipmunk

2.1C squabbish

2.1D scrumpox

2.1E scrimshank

2.2 vc.ccv – os.trich

2.3 vcc.ccv – compound - catfish

2.4 cam el

2.5 ing

2.6 ed – /ed/, /t/, /d/

2.6.1 ed -ted, ded

2.6.2 - /d/ banned

2.6.3 /t/  camped

MRS 3 Closed Syllable  Multisyllabic Word

3.1 basketball

MRS 4 Vowel - Consonant-E Syllable

4.1 mule

4.2 vulture/pancake

4.3 cakemix

MRS 5 Open Syllable

5.1 me, my

5.2 bison

5.3 baby

5.4 Soft c& g Ceindy & Geimmy

MRS 6 Vowel Team

6.1 bear

6.2 explain

MRS 7 R-controlled

7.1 carp

7.2 parrot

MRS 8 Consonant-le

8.1 cattle

8.2 castle

MRS 9 Exceptions/Schwa? Suffex endings two syllable words combined

9.1 olive -ive exception

9.2 flourish

MRS 10 Multisyllable: two, three + with two-syllable type combined

10. 1 talented –ed three-syllable +  words

10.2 attention - -tion, -sion two + more syllable words

10.3 an i mal with unstressed & schwa /i/

10.4 mon og ram with /o/ long, short, and schwa sounds

10.5 con sul tant with/u/ long, short, and schwa sounds

10.6 pu ma, Can a da  with /a/ long, short and schwa sounds

10.7 sur ger y r-controlled three-syllable

10.8 enjoyable spelling rule with y

10.9 popsicle –cle three-syllable +

MRS 11 Additional suffixes advanced concepts

  • elegance additional suffixes advanced concepts

  • ance, ant, ence, ery, ory,ous,  ic, ist, ism, ity, ize, ible,…

MRS 12 additional sounds: advanced concepts:

  • rh, mb, mn, gn, kn, etc..

  • lion, violin, create…

  • ci, ti, tu, ture architecture

  • with syllable division word pattern:  ar  chi  tec  ture

**DIGITAL DOWNLOAD products. No physical items will be mailed to you.** After purchase you will receive an email with a link to download your  PDF file for regular 8.5”x11” papers. We recommend printing on heavy cardstocks the posters and strategies for your child and stick on the wall where he could see them too often to reinforce his learning.


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