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“The success of your students will depend upon your skills as a teacher!” 

                     ----Anne  Gillingham, 1956



It takes very specific skills to successfully teach dyslexic individuals to fluently and accurately read and spell

and you are in the right place!



What Makes the

Multisensory Reading Clinic


We have the  EXPERTISE  in this field and we have a  100% SUCCESS  rate in teaching students to learn how to

fluently and accurately read and spell!


We  give instructions, strategies, and techniques and teach the rules and concepts of the English language; we are not an  ordinary tutoring learning center  and our  reading instructor is not a typical school teacher



  • Our Reading Specialist is not an average or ordinary tutor/teacher but a highly skilled reading instructor for individuals with dyslexia & with other disabilities & disorders. She has a formal education in different learning disabilities studies where she graduated as SCHOLARS and has experience & training in different reading programs, instructions, methods, and approaches in the treatment of dyslexia & with other learning disabilities & disorders


  • To date, we have made more than 100, 000-word cards, in addition to worksheets to reinforce and speed up the process of our student's learning and we have logged more than a thousand hours of intervention and remediation and all who have received our instruction have made significant and permanent gains!


  • We have a proven record of our students' high achievement and effective results in improving their reading and spelling skills as well as reading comprehension. The evaluations were conducted before and after our reading intervention and remediation by our students' school regular and special needs teachers and our students' child psychologists. You can also do the same as other parents do - evaluate your own child's reading and spelling skills - before and after our remediation!


  • We have  specialized knowledge of English literacy assessment and diagnosis that is vital for developing, implementing, and evaluating the effectiveness of literacy programs and instructions


  • We design individualized instruction, develop activities, and teaching strategies and techniques that go beyond they are normally presented in classrooms and/or other reading tutorial services - all for the benefit of our students, their specific needs, and their capacity to learn 


  • We provide individualized multisensory reading, spelling, basic writing, handwriting, and comprehension treatment in  a structured, explicit, systematic, and cumulative intensive method, but flexible instruction based on the students' capacity to learn so that  the students can become independent learners


  • We directly teach sound-symbol relationships and decoding skills that go beyond the phonics normally presented, as well as word construction,  syllable types and syllable rules, spelling, strategies, and rules, so that reading and spelling longer words become manageable


  • We also incorporate the reading comprehension along with the vocabulary to our students' lessons once they have reached their automaticity/fluency skills in that concept


  • We work closely with our students to ensure maximum results and to meet the students' maximum potential and the school's requirements, if possible.


  • We train and conduct workshops for teachers, paraprofessionals, and parents to help their students and children learn how to read and spell and improve the students' comprehension and handwriting skills  - in a proper way, the RIGHT WAY!


  • We also provide early literacy/literacy consultation for teachers and parents/guardians who need information about early literacy skills and literacy  acquisition specifically for individuals with dyslexia and/or co-morbid with other disabilities/disorders

Who are our clients?


  • Individuals who have asked for our help are young and old, Canadian and international students from regular and specialized private and public schools and other tutoring and literacy centers who cannot read and/or are reading below their expected grade level, with special needs and without special needs such as  English language learners


  • Some of our students have been diagnosed by professionals (child psychologists, speech therapists, neurologists) as ''can not be taught how to read,'' because they have severe learning disabilities and disorders thus, they must only rely on memorization.  Yet, within a year of intensive intervention, their reading level and spelling skills, based on their teachers' assessments and child psychologists have increased from a two-word knowledge (the car, the dog, the cat) to at least the end of a grade-one to a beginning of a grade-two level. In addition, they've learned how to spell multisyllabic and with vowel digraph words and can comprehend what they have read - the skills that were impossible to achieve before our reading intervention. 

We encourage you to do the same as other parents do - never give up on a child, you'll never know he can learn to read!

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Your decision today is your CHILD'S tomorrow!

Multisensory Reading Clinic Dylslexia Therapeutic Tutoring

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