Based on research by Paulson, Lucy Hart (2004) the development of phonological awareness skills in preschool children: From syllables to phonemes. Theses, Dissertations, Professional Papers, University of Montana, United States, Used with permission.  

 Phonological Awareness

the foundation for learning to read,   the linchpin for early literacy  success


Phonemic or phoneme awareness - our conscious awareness that words are made up of sounds of the language. This is where the problems in reading and spelling begin - learning the sounds and processing the sounds of the language hence this is our first workbook 


Phonological awareness - the awareness of all levels of the sound systems of the language such as, blending, scooping, stress patterns, syllables, onset and rime units, including phonemes and encompassing phonemic awareness.

Teachers and parents can create 5 to 10 minutes fun and engaging daily activities from four years old children and older using the rank order of phonological awareness tasks below to help prepare students in learning to read and spell effectively.

Phonological Awareness Students Tasks Rank Order from preschool and older 

1. Blending syllables  

2. Segmenting syllables

3. Rhyme detection

4. Alliteration categorization

5. Blending onset and rime units

6. Alliteration detection

7. Rhyme production

8. Blending Phonemes

9. Segmenting onset and rime units

10. Segmenting phonemes


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