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Increase your child's reading  and spelling skills

during Summer 2024

from June 25 to August 30, 2024


with the POSSIBILITY to continue the program for fall, winter, and spring


Our individualize

Multisensory Reading and Spelling Program

 is open to all students

It is ideal for your child if : 

  • You want to increase his reading and spelling skills during the summer

  • You want to boost his confidence and arrive at school ready for September

  • We do not have a space for your child during the school year

  • You do not have time to come to our clinic during the school year

  • Your child is reading and spelling below his expected level and you do not want him to fall further behind

  • The school and other professionals told you that your struggling child needs to repeat his grade or be held back instead of moving on to the next grade level, contact us, and let us help your child!



40 Sessions

  • 4X per week one-time slot, 55 mins - F   U   L   L


36 Sessions

  • 4X per week one-time slot, 55 mins starting in July - one spot available 


29 Sessions

  • 3X per week one-time slot, 55 mins - F   U   L   L 

26 Sessions

  • 3X per week one-time slot, 55 mins - one spot available



Reading assessment

  • A  reading assessment is mandatory before anyone can start our therapeutic tutoring and due to our hectic schedule, we can only offer the reading assessment service and we do not have the evaluation report in writing option. Also, our reading evaluation is only for our incoming students with approximately three meetings, 55 minutes each; two meetings for evaluation and one meeting with parent/guardian to discuss the student's learning needs and learning plan. 

  • To navigate and individualize your child's learning needs and to help your child learn better, do not forget to submit his psychological evaluation and/or any school document/s ie., IEP, and school work. 



  • You need to fill out the contact form to avail of our tutoring service 

  • The number of available spots will be determined in mid-June, depending on how many of our active students are taking vacations during summer and/or if they are done with the program, therefore we have very limited spaces available and all of the applications can only be processed starting on June 9.

  • We will send a notification to all applicants and the admittance is based on a first-come, first-served basis.

  • You can also purchase the number of sessions that you want and if we do not have your choice, you will get your money back in, a 100% refund or you have the priority to pick from our available spots: 



  • Half of the reading assessment service fee, NON-REFUNDABLE, is due once you receive our reading assessment schedule and you have 24 hours to pay via Interac. The balance is due 24 hours via Interac before the parent meeting. 

  • Also, to reserve your child's spot, a 10% NON-REFUNDABLE deposit for any tutoring option is MANDATORY

  • Please NOTE: If you do not pay within the given time frame, it means that you are NOT interested to take our available time slots and we have the right to give your child's schedule to any of our students on our waitlist.

  • Thank you for your understanding. 

Reserve your spots!

 Your decision today is your CHILD'S tomorrow!

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Multisensory Reading Clinic  Dyslexia Therapeutic Tutoring     Orton-Gillingham Instruction

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