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for parents who have children with dyslexia


 Why our son is reading the words wrong. When he saw the picture of the house with the word 'home' at the bottom he is reading it as 'house' instead of home, or vice versa. When he saw the picture of the dog with the word 'dog' he is reading it as 'puppy' or vice versa

  Your son can't read. He is looking at the picture and is guessing what is on the picture. We cannot learn how to read by just looking at the picture, instead, we need to learn the sounds of the language and connect the sounds to be able to read minimal words, then we need to learn the pattern of the language to be able to read longer words

 Why our son with superior intellectual ability, ( based on his psychological evaluation) is reading the word 'saw' as 'was,' and 'was' as 'saw' and 'from' as 'form and 'form' as 'from'

  Your son's reading problem is very common for individuals with a specific language disability. It is due to the ''neurological dysfunction,"  but with appropriate, structured, and multisensory instruction, along with strategies and techniques of the language as well as a correct constant practice, he will be able to succeed in learning to read and spell properly.  

 Your decision today is your CHILD'S tomorrow!

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