for parents who have a child with dyslexia


There are many ways and different options for you as parents  with a child who has dyslexia to help accelerate your child's early literacy skills acquisition and the earlier you act, the better off your child would be



  • Parent Early Literacy Workshop


          Attend our in-school Parent Early Literacy Workshop - it is FREE of charge for parents with children who attend the school we conduct                the workshop


         As a part of our commitment, we conduct workshops in different elementary public schools to empower parents with information


          We share and give ideas and suggestions, tips and tricks, practicalities and strategies you can do and use as parents to help

         your child increase his early literacy skills


        This is also the perfect time where you can ask us questions on what can you do as parents and how can you help your child with his           literacy skills difficulties 



  • Literacy Consultation


        You have also the option to arrange an early literacy consultation with us  and to help you serve better send us your concern ahead of                the meeting


  • Teach Phonological Awareness


  • Find the right books for your child


        During the Parent Early Literacy Workshop, we also discuss what kind of books to look for with the aim of helping your child with his

        reading skills,  get him interested in reading and hopefully develop the love of reading


       As shown below, books with repetitious patterns, with the same identities and within your child's reading level (not his grade level)

      and his own interest as much as possible is ideal for your child

  • Make your own word cards


  • Teach your own child to start learning to read


                    If nothing works... 


  • Let us help your child learn how to fluently and accurately read and spell through our therapeutic tutoring: regular program or summer program


 to be continued...

















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