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 What Parents Can Do 

Help, Information, Tips, and Resources

for parents who have children with dyslexia

As parents of a child who struggles to read, there are many things you can do

  • ​Arm yourself with correct information about your child's learning problems and the effective ways to help him learn to read, write, spell and comprehend and you can start your quest by going through different pages of our website. 

  • Monitor your child's reading progress

  • Take action as soon as your child is experiencing difficulties in learning to read, write, spell and comprehend. He needs a specific tutor specializing in reading and spelling for individuals with specific learning difficulties

  • Advocate your child - no one cares deeply about your child as you do and no one else can be as effective an advocate as you are

  • Join other parents with the same challenges as you do - you cannot do it alone and if you are not doing anything, nothing positive will happen to your child and he will end up with any  or all of the following:


receiving aid/welfare

appearing in court

prison inmate

to be continued...

 Your decision today is your CHILD'S tomorrow!

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