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What People Are Saying

"I cannot overstate the amazing work Ruth has done with my son. His ability to decode and read has really taken off! I believe it is largely due to Ruth's wonderful lessons. There has been a big change in his confidence, and he actually enjoys picking up books now. Ruth is so skillful in working with a very energetic child, and creates a positive learning environment." 

- Laurel Maloney


"The positive impact Ruth has had on my daughter cannot be overstated. We tried for years to find the right support for her dyslexia, but to no avail. With Ruth, we saw immediate improvements in my daughter's decoding and confidence. Note that it is important your child follow the routine/schedule Ruth provides and to do all reading/practice provided. Highly recommended."

- Rishi Dhir (Elephant Stone)

"My son has dyslexia, adhd and is language impaired. He is ten starting grade five and was reading at a kindergarten level. He has participated in various reading programs with great frustration and without positive results until Ruth worked with my son and now has him not only reading at a grade two level but wanting to continue to better himself.


Ruth not only gave my son the foundations for phonics she gave him a foundation for self confidence and pride. I am so grateful to Ruth for everything she has done for me for my son and my son is truly grateful as well.


We had a wonderful experience and would highly recommend this reading clinic.

- Since 1964

"Quite frankly, I have had no underlying expectations for Ruth as I haven't interacted with any learning disabilities specialists prior to her. The experience has been insightful as I have been learning a fair amount about learning disabilities as well!

Great job and keep up the good work,"

Thank you Ruth,



- N.T. (Nicolas Tarantino)

"Ruth has done an excellent job in accompanying my son throughout grade 1. He has had struggles with reading comprehension due to mild dyslexia. I was skeptical at first but she managed to prove me wrong! Thank you once again Ruth!"



- Amélie Rodriguez


"I have a 9 year old daughter who followed special tutorial class for 3 years. Unfortunately, I didn't see any improvement (Consuming time and money). Someone refer to me Multisensory clinic. I was reluctant to spend over $100.00 per session for their services. I was wrong! I gave to my daughter a tryout of two weeks and I was astonishing of her progress with a new approach.

Now, I had to postpone her class in order to establish a new budget and schedules.
I shouldn't say this of being afraid that you could take my place, but I would suggest to people to give a tryout and you will see substantial improvement and ready to continue.
Don't bother with the negative reviews that pop out recently, I heard stories about someone sending bad review because she couldn't get her proper scheduling and being late most of the time for her kid session."



Satisfied Parent
- Paul E.
- Paul Edwards

Hi Ruth,

"I’m not directly involved with the classes given to my nephew at MultiSensory Reading classes, but after meeting him months after our previous gathering, I noticed that he made so much progress. I can feel he is at ease to talk and pronouncing words without having difficulty. (Totally a new kid!) We have been talking about your school and I had to send this review because the family didn’t feel the need to write one and they didn’t know what to say. As I said, I don’t know what teaching technique you are using but it make a big difference compare with other schools.

Keep up the good work! Kids need your help especially when school boards are cutting most of the resources."



- Linda KHoury

"Ruth is very passionate with her work. I would highly recommend her for anyone who has children that have trouble reading."

- Almerce Rivera

"Amazing clinic helping with any issues regarding reading and writing. Ruth is exceptional and a true angel!! Thank you again for all your help!"


"Woow! We were blown away with the result of Ruth's teaching, She is ended a literacy expert!


Our daughter was taught by many tutors who claimed to be an Orton gillingham dyslexia tutor but nothing compares to Ruth. She solves all of our daughter's reading problems even our daughter's speech is now improving who cannot sound out some words. Our daughter is also reading even during her first day of her remediation!"

Our experience is over the top positive: Professionalism, Quality, Value - hats off to you, Ruth!"

- Petteri Kephalos


I can’t believe it, our eight-year-old daughter is reading by herself for the very first time even during her first hour of session!


We had been to different tutorings for more than two years, but our daughter just keeps on memorizing and guessing words. She reads home as house and house as home, cab as cad, form as from, or fram, blond as bold, get as jet, girl as gril and vice versa but she will read them differently if we read those words again.


We are also spending countless hours memorizing her spelling homework every night – homework that is too difficult for her because she can’t read and then the following day, she forgets all of those words, we need to start all over again – she is exhausted, we, her parents are also too exhausted!


Until we try the tutoring service of the Multisensory Reading Clinic – everything has changed for better. 


She has not finished her 15 sessions and she is already reading in grade two level – amazing clinic!

S. Tremblay

One of the top students in her class and an honor student instead of repeating a grade!


Our daughter has dyslexia, with mild autism spectrum disorder and ADHD she could not read, the online classes during the COVID pandemic did not help, she was at the very bottom of her class and was extremely behind her classmates in all subjects not just reading even if she had been with different dyslexia tutoring for more than two years. Her behavior had also changed for the worse and her situation affected everyone in our family.


Her homeroom teacher told us she must repeat a grade, but we know the impact of repeating a grade and we wanted to avoid that. Her resource teacher recommended the Multisensory Reading Clinic for help.


Ruth is amazing. She is the best and did not disappoint us. She gave our family peace and our daughter the confidence that we have not seen, and our daughter is now one of the top students in her class and an honor student!


Thank you Ruth for everything that you have done for us! 

Proud family of Emilia

 Your decision today is your CHILD'S tomorrow!

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