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the basic essential skills of

effective reading teachers

Below are the very basic essential skills of effective reading teachers

  • must know how the language system works – the written code of English

  • must know how to teach the sound-symbol correspondence 

  • must be able to interpret errors quickly and can give corrective feedback immediately

  • must have sufficient words that align with the lessons for fluency to support comprehension

  • must be flexible and can accommodate students’ varying needs

  • must know the strategies how to connect, pull out, add, change the sounds: students with language difficulties have these problems 

  • must be able to teach in direct, systematic, explicit and structured methods for students who do not learn easily


All of the above cannot be obtained in 8 hours or even 30 hours of training because like some students, some teachers too do not learn easily and have problems understanding and applying the concepts, the reason why we also need to offer our training by level.

to be continued...


 Your decision today is your CHILD'S tomorrow!

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