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  • Why should we choose you over other tutoring center/clinic?
    Instant decoding 100% money-back guarantee! Our promise to you is very simple. Try our 15 initial sessions to validate our claim; your child will start learning to read even words he has not seen in the concept that he has been taught or we will issue you a refund for your 15 initial sessions. He will also start learning to spell with the same concept that he has been taught and his progress will continue even if he has severe dyslexia and other disabilities & disorders such as ADHD and mild autism. When you choose us, you are choosing nothing but the best among the best one-of-a-kind Multisensory Reading Clinic and you've made the right decision for your child, but the earlier you act to start the therapeutic tutoring the better off your child will be!
  • How is you reading program different from the other tutoring reading programs?
    Our one-on-one Multisensory Reading and Spelling Program is a well-designed and well-implemented individualized lesson based on your child's specific learning needs and his capacity to learn. It is intensive structured, explicit, multisensory, cognitive, systematic, and cumulative but flexible phonics and research-based instruction. Your child will start learning to read and spell known words and words he has not seen from the very moment he starts his therapeutic tutoring with us because we will give him instructions, strategies, and techniques and not help him memorize words and sentences. Depending on the result of his reading evaluation, he could start learning how to manipulate the sounds correctly and how spoken words can be pulled apart into distinct sounds, such as the word 'cat' as "ccc," "aaa," "t." Then we will teach him how to put them back together, so from 'cat' to "ccc," "aaa," "t" to 'cat!' He will also learn the syllable types and rules of the English language along with their strategies and techniques so that multisyllabic reading and spelling become manageable - we discourage our students from guessing at words. Difficulties with word recognition, reading accuracy, and acceptable reading speed, contribute to poor reading comprehension - we will incorporate comprehension instruction along with strategies and techniques to comprehend what he read, once he has reached acceptable fluency in that concept. The instruction, application, and mastery of the concepts and skills of our Multisensory Reading and Spelling Program are usually taught from kindergarten until grade five and up, in regular schools - meaning we have a PLAN; we know what we are doing. Click here to further learn how we teach reading and spelling effectively with 100% success and with instant and constant progress as well as an immediate improvement in confidence
  • What is your success rate?
    100% success or money back! We pride ourselves on the excellent quality of our work and the services that we have provided to our students and to date, we have a 100% Success Rate! As a matter of fact, all of our students have started learning to read during the first hour of their session because we are a one-of-a-kind Multisensory Reading Clinic, we know what to teach and how to teach! One of our most rewarding experiences is seeing an individual who once was unhappy, feeling hopeless, and defeated transformed into one who glows and radiates self-confidence and wants to learn more. We have also received calls from our previous students' parents who have taken their precious time to thank us and share with us their children's success stories!
  • How do we know if you can help our child learn to read?
    Not everyone can learn to read and we will know if your child can learn to read during his first reading assessment schedule. If he cannot learn to read, you will receive a 100% refund of your reading assessment service fee. Contact us to schedule your child's reading assessment.
  • How do we know if we need your therapeutic tutoring service?
    A few reasons why our therapeutic tutoring is beneficial for your child: 1. Your child cannot read unknown words in a classroom setting/school system and he falls further behind his peers 2. He has been in other tutoring services, learning centers, and/or literacy clinics and he still cannot read words that he has not seen. 3. He does not know how to connect the sounds even if he knows some of the sounds. 4. He has decoding and/or blending difficulties to read or even speak such as blot, draft, prompt, chipmunks, juncture, adamant, etc. 5. He tends to guess words such as he reads the words rat as rot, rid as red, dig as big, han as ham because the word rat looks similar to the word rot, the word rid looks similar to the word red, the word dig looks similar to the word big (b/d, d/b confusion) and the word han looks similar to the word ham. 6. He has difficulty in spelling and/or his spelling is horrible. Do not further damage your child's self-esteem and confidence. Contact us and get help before it is too late!
  • When can we see the difference of your reading and spelling program?
    During your child's first session. EXCEPTION: If your child had received the same literacy instruction as we do and we will find it during his reading assessment. In this case, we will continue his lessons based on what he has learned.
  • But our child can read, he just cannot comprehend..."
    If your child can comprehend the story that you read to him, but cannot comprehend what he read, he does not have a comprehension problem but reading problems. He either lacks fluency or does not recognize and is still sounding out the words he read which affect his reading comprehension or he could have other disabilities and disorders that link to comprehension problem such as autism spectrum disorder. Contact us today!
  • Our child is very far behind in reading compared to his peers, can you help him catch up faster to his grade level?"
    At Multisensory Reading Clinic, our goal is as always, to help your child achieve his reading level as fast as he can, but we must consider his well-being. Our individualized structured literacy intervention and remediation is based on your child's specific needs and his capacity to learn, meaning we cannot teach him concepts more than he can handle, or else he will 'meltdown.' In addition, each lesson is linked to the next lesson, therefore he needs to achieve the previous lesson's fluency, or else he will find the next lesson too difficult, and again he will 'meltdown.' Also, if you cannot digest the information when we explained to you the concept that your child has recently learned so that you can help him at home, how is it possible then for your child who has just started learning to read, to absorb more instructions than you do? However, as parents you can help maximize the learning of your child by not ignoring the following tips: 1) Make sure he is not tired and is well rested and not hungry before his tutoring session so that he is alert and can give his full attention to the Tutor 2) Practice the assigned concepts i.e. word cards that we have let you borrow for your child, but do not overdo it. We usually tell parents how much practice the child needs and how often, or else ask us when you pick up your child after his tutoring.
  • Our child has already his psychological evaluation, why does he need a reading assessment?"
    While providing us with your child's psychological evaluation helps us to navigate his learning needs and informs us of his grade level, it does not tell us what concepts he knows and does not know. Also, it would not tell us what to begin in teaching your child to read and spell. Click here to learn more about our reading assessment.
  • Can you test our child for dyslexia?
    Dyslexia means dys = difficulty, lex = words, ia = abnormal condition, so it means difficulty with words and it involves expression, organization, reading, writing, and spelling of words. Our evaluation is all about words, therefore the results of the reading assessment will tell us if your child has signs and symptoms of dyslexia.
  • Do you offer French services?
    As of this moment, our services are only in English.
  • What your typical lesson looks like?
    Our direct structured multisensory reading, spelling, writing, and comprehension instruction are taught explicitly in a systematic and cumulative intensive manner and is based on the student's capacity to learn Our Typical Lesson Assessing the student for any potential difficulties from the learned concepts Homework review, if applicable Decoding review from learned concepts: sound/word cards/list Encoding review from learned concepts: sounds/words Decoding and encoding review from learned words & introduction of new words: sight words Sequencing/games of learned concepts/skills/elements, if applicable Introduction of new concept/s, skill/s, element/s , if applicable Structured handwriting/dexterity: manuscript or cursive, if applicable Spelling/writing/answering questions in writing from oral reading; alternate, if applicable Oral reading from learned concepts: phrase/s, sentence/s, paragraph/s, whole story Homework usually word cards to practice reading at home to speed up the learning process, optional, but highly recommended
  • How much does the therapeutic tutoring cost?
    Call us at 514-505-1389 Learning to read is your child’s most important investment in his life and no one can take away this investment from him. Giving him the gift of learning to read is the greatest present you can bestow upon him and teaching individuals to learn how to read is our specialization, our expertise. Your child won't be taught by just a typical teacher but a highly skilled Reading Specialist with a 100% success rate in literacy intervention, remediation, and prevention and we are not an ordinary tutoring center either. We provide treatment, and therapy for your child's specific reading and spelling, as well as reading comprehension challenges. Although, our treatment service fees vary it is in the same range as other professionals like psychologists and therapists where you seek treatment for your child's well-being, or speech pathologists, where you ask for your child's speech-related issue. With us, your child will not only learn how to say the speech sounds and words but he will also learn how to read, spell, write the words and comprehend what he read - correctly and properly - all in one service. Also, while it seems that our therapeutic service fee is costly, it is comparable to fees charged by other ordinary/regular tutoring centers in a group of 3 or 4 children where your child receives only a portion of the tutor’s time and attention. At Multisensory Reading Clinic, we will give the tools that your child needed the most to succeed academically and every minute of your child’s direct instruction is focused on his specific learning needs so that he can progress as quickly as possible.
  • Are fees covered by insurance?
    We believe that Medicare does not provide coverage for any therapeutic tutoring, remediation, and intervention services or treatment for dyslexia in reading, spelling, writing, and reading comprehension because teaching to read, write, spell and comprehend regardless of the individual's conditions i.e. with dyslexia and/or ADHD/ASD, etc., is NOT a medical and health issues. Contact your insurance provider for more details, but be specific when you give the information to your insurance provider. We are NOT a clinic for speech therapy or any psychological treatment but a clinic providing treatment/therapy for individuals with literacy difficulties - learning to read, write, spell, and comprehend.
  • What forms of payment are accepted?
    Any kind: tangible or Canadian currency as long as it is fair for both parties and is valid. For Canadian currency payments can be made via Interac, cash ( $500,00 maximum, in-person only), or by cheque made out to the Multisensory Reading Clinic. We do not accept PayPal and credit card payments at this time.
  • The rates of other tutoring centers are cheaper than yours why should we choose you?
    Do you know what kind of tutoring service your child needs? We are not an ordinary tutoring service but therapeutic tutoring for individuals who struggle to learn how to read, write, spell, and comprehend. Also, do you know how to choose an effective reading tutor, or are you looking for a one-of-a-kind therapeutic tutoring service with 100% success literacy intervention and remediation and instant and constant decoding progress? Then welcome; you've made the best choice for your precious child! Our rate is in the same range or even cheaper as other reading specialists who offer the same high-quality service with a 100% success rate and other professionals like psychologists, speech and occupational therapists, etc. While it sounds cheaper, it does not mean it is really cheap in the long run, instead, it could even be more expensive both financially and psychologically for individuals with dyslexia. Hints/Clues: 1. Does your child's tutor give appropriate instruction, strategies, rules, and techniques in the English language? If yes, how is the progress of your child's reading and spelling? 2. From the very beginning of the lesson, your child's tutor should not only teach your child the appropriate sounds but also, should give your child the strategies and techniques to connect, change, and remove the sounds. He should also teach your child the rules of the English language so that he can start learning to accurately read and spell minimal words, known and unknown, such as zim, vox, rub, bap, bet, kin, trick, brink, drag sting. 3. Once your child has reached the fluency level of the minimal words, his tutor should instruct and give strategies and techniques on how to appropriately read longer words so that he can read them independently and teach how to spell longer words should follow immediately. 4. Finally, if your child has been in that tutoring for more than 15 sessions and he still cannot connect the sounds and cannot read and spell known and unknown words, and is still confused about when to use the c, k, and ck, particularly in spelling, then your are not only wasting all of your resources, but also you are not helping your child to better himself and if it goes on like that for a longer period, the damage to your child's self-esteem and confidence could be irrevocable. Click here to learn how we teach reading & spelling effectively with 100% success and with instant and constant progress as well as an immediate improvement in confidence! Contact us for your dyslexic child's instant and constant decoding progress and immediate improvement in confidence!
  • Why your rate is higher than other tutoring centers who are  also using Orton-Gillingham?
    Our rate is the same as other Orton-Gillingham Tutors who have received the same excellent Orton-Gillingham instructions from highly-skilled Orton-Gillingham teachers in the USA and highly skilled professors in Canada. My great respect to my professors both from the USA and Canada who have taught me well for my mission. Do you know that we have students taught from certified Orton-Gillingham tutors for more than three months but they still cannot connect and pull out the sounds properly and they are still having problems reading and spelling minimal words such as zim, trick, sting brig? Unbelievable! It is because, the Orton-Gillingham is just an approach/method to reading and the "Orton-Gillingham" tutor must create his/her own reading program and we are proud to say that we have a 100% success reading and spelling program - our very own Multisensory Reading & Spelling Program! Our Multisensory Reading and Spelling Program is a well-designed and well-implemented individualized instruction for a one-to-one therapeutic tutoring. It is based on your child's specific learning needs and his capacity to learn and we will teach your child strategies based on his difficulties. For example, if your child is confused why the letter c becomes /k/ sound such as cot and why it also becomes /s/ sounds such as cent, then he will receive that strategies to help him with his confusion. To help you choose a tutor or tutoring center for your child who has not learned to read and spell in a regular school you need to ask the tutor: How can you help my child to read and spell? If your child's tutor, regardless if he said, he has an Orton-Gillingham training or is using an Orton-Gillingham approach, is not teaching your child the sounds properly and the rules, as well as the strategies and techniques of the langauge (Engish/French, etc.), then he is not teaching your child to read and spell the proper way. The instruction MUST be well-structured, direct, cumulative, explicit and multisensory to get the best result of learning. Finally, while learning to read and spell depend on the capacity of your child to learn, you MUST notice any improvement of your child's reading and spelling skills within, at least, 15 sessions; for example, your child must be able to connect some sounds and can read and spell some minimal words such as "rib" "sap" "muck" even if he has not seen these words. Then you are not only you are wasting your resources, but also you are NOT helping your child to better himself.
  • We cannot afford your rate, but we need your help for our child who struggles to read, what should we do?"
    We are well aware that a fairly large amount of students in our society struggle to read, spell and comprehend and many of them would learn to read, spell and comprehend much better if they have the help they need. You must also know that teaching your children to learn how to read, write, spell and comprehend is the foremost responsibility of the school and the Ministry of Education of Quebec and NOT the parents' so our dear parents, do NOT blame yourself. As part of our commitment to struggling children who do not have the resources to avail the appropriate literacy instruction, we extended the following services: MRS Orton-Gillingham Parents Literacy Training MRS Orton-Gillingham Teachers Literacy Training MRS Orton-Gillingham Literacy Products MRS Orton-Gillingham Word Lists
  • Do you offer a group tutoring?
    Yes, we could if there are enough students with the same reading level. Contact us
  • How long does the therapeutic tutoring last?
    Each session takes 55 minutes, or 110 minutes for older students, two to five times per week. We usually recommend how often your child should see our Reading Specialist, and it all depends on different factors, such as his learning needs, capacity to learn, etc.
  • How long does the program last?
    There is no definite answer to your question because there are different factors involved: The reading level of your child and his expected grade level when he signs up for our individualized literacy intervention Focusing on spelling skills together with reading could affect the speed up of remediation particularly if the words do not follow the rules of the English language, such as straight, weird, pharaoh, etc. Your child's capacity to learn; we cannot introduce the concept that he is not ready to learn; we need to consider his well-being or he will 'meltdown' How often he sees the tutor and if he has support at home such as practicing the words he has learned The difficulties of the concepts that he needs to learn. Although it is not comprehensive, our MRS Word Lists Products will give you an idea of what your child should learn to be an independent learner.
  • Can we start with a few sessions first?
    Definitely, yes! As a matter of fact all of our new students must start with 15 initial sessions of our Multisensory Reading & Spelling Program. If you would like to continue with our program and you want additional sessions to retain your child's spots, you need to let us know before your child's 6th session or else we will give his spots to the students on our wait list.
  • Can we stop the therapeutic tutoring?
    Definitely yes! You have the option not to finish the program.
  • Where do tutorials take place?
    Onsite or online via Skype
  • You live far from us, can you come to our house?"
    As of this moment, all of our services are either onsite or online via Skype only. Also, our lessons are individualized based on our student's specific learning needs and we are always on the lookout for any reading, spelling, writing, and/or comprehension difficulties or potential problems and all of our materials: worksheets, soundcards, and more than 100,000-word cards, etc. to help resolve our students' literacy issues as soon as possible, are within our reach, therefore it is beneficial for our students to receive our instruction onsite or at least online.
  • Can our child learn better by Skype than your on-site one-to-one tutoring?
    It depends on the student. Some students can handle either online or onsite, while other students cannot, and we will let you know after the reading assessment or as the tutoring progresses. However, our one-to-one instruction is multisensory. We use the "I do," "We do," and "You do" methods and we can see what the student is doing if it is onsite but it is not easy to reinforce his learning if the session is online. Some parents are mixing online and onsite tutoring. We do the Skype session to save time from traveling back and forth and to avoid traffic and exhaustion, and on-site to change the student's learning environment and change the word card packs that we let our students borrow for practice at home.
  • Do you give homework?
    Yes, we do, optional, but highly recommended to do our homework. Our homework is mostly to practice reading the words through our word cards for fluency to reinforce the learned concepts and to help speed up the process of learning - to close the 'gap' between your child and his peers. Also, learning to read is like learning to ride a bike or learning to play hockey and piano where an individual needs a lot of practice - accurate and proper practice to better himself, and the more severe learning difficulties the student has, the more accurate reading practice he needs to reach the fluency of the concept/s that he has learned. However, we recommend NOT to overdo the word card practice and must stop once the child shows exhaustion
  • How do we start the therapeutic tutoring?
    Step One. Read our Frequently Asked Questions before contacting us; this will help save us time. Step Two: Click here to be directed to our contact page and tell us about the individual/s who need our help and what you want to know, such as your concern, etc. You can schedule a reading assessment right away if you know how we work. You also have the option to book a 30-minute - free initial appointment to come to our office or to speak with our Reading Specialist Step Three: Schedule a Reading Assessment service.

 Your decision today is your CHILD'S tomorrow!

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