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FREE Apps for Teaching Across the Curriculum

Source: Simple K12


General Administrative Tools:

  1. Dropbox – Free, online sharing tool. Submitting items to your Dropbox makes them accessible to any device connected. Easily access all your files from home with your smartphone or vice versa.

  • 2 GB for free!

  • Files always available from the secure Dropbox website

  • Works offline – always have access to your files

  • Manually dry and width so Dropbox doesn’t hog your connection

  1. CloudOn – Building on Dropbox, CloudOn brings Microsoft Office to your phone and also links it to your Dropbox, Google Drive and SkyDrive accounts. 

  2. Doceri – “The interactive Whiteboard for iPad,” as their tagline goes. As an alternative to a smartboard, this app allows you to control your presentation right from your iPad, all the while being able to access files on your computer. You can also create flip videos easily and annotate over pretty much anything.

  3. Socrative – Engage your classroom via any mobile device. In only three minutes, you cans set up a smart response clicker that involves students like never before. By allowing them to use their phones to participate in class, you can actively involve them. With educational games and exercises, you can engage and assess your students with ease.

  • Short answer

  • Space race

  • Exit tickets

  • Multiple choice

  • Polls

  • Simple grading

  • Assessment



  1. Ace Multiply Matrix – Designed to look like a classic wooden board game, this interactive math exercise teaches both multiplication and logic in a seamless transition between education and fun. With three games in one, this is a fun and effective game to practice multiplication not only in theory but also in practice!

  • Multiplier ranging from zero to twelve, this game is for easy learning and review practice.

  • Grid play – solving a multiplication grid before time runs out can turn up the pressure! The faster the grip is solved, the higher the score.

  • Game blitz – solve a random grid as quickly as possible!

  1. Mathboard Addition – By providing multiple answer styles, as well as a scratchboard area, this app encourages students to learn the process rather than just guessing at answers.

  • Addition, subtraction, division, squares, cubes, and square root problems

  • Multiple choice and fill in the blank

  • Outline steps of process


  1. SkyOrb – From the famous 3D planetarium on PC and Mac, this app is littered with goodies and would be a wonderful addition to any science class.

  • 3D star map, 3D planetarium

  • Sun clock and weather

  • Real-time sky rendering

  • Moon phases with rise/set dates

  • Sky simulation from chosen locations

  • Ability to move forward/backward in time

  • Ephemeris, including 60 days of events

  • Alerts for phenomenon

  • Point and identify real time location

  1. Smitsonian Channel – With hours of video, including full episodes of original series and documentaries, you can find videos to align with a huge variety of subjects. Enjoy “artiFACT” quizzes to review videos and concepts with your students, and discover our planet in a new way.

  2. Video Science – With over 80 hand-on short videos and growing, these science lessons contain inexpensive and easy to recreate experiments designed to inspire kids of any age.

  3. Periodic Table of Elements – Instead of cramming all the information for an element into one little square, you can pick a chemical attribute and have the entire chart color coded to plainly show how the different elements vary.

  • Atomic number

  • Chemical family

  • Electronegativity

  • Radioactivity

  • Melting point

  • Boiling point

  • State (solid, liquid, gas)

Language Arts:

  1. Poetry – Nominated for a Webby award, this useful app has some useful features to bring poetry into the classroom.

  • Search for old favourites with memorable lines

  • Give your advice a shake to discover new poems to fit any mood

  • Save your favourite poems to read and share later – through Facebook, Twitter or email.

  • 2. Chicktonary Game – Help your students practice spelling and instant word recognition with this fun and visually ridiculous  game! With over 300 levels, either timed or untimed, you’ll finish his game a fun break from typical spelling exercises.

  1. Word Wonderland (Primary) Lite – Sort through words to help the frog follow the path of lily pads to the finish! From McGraw-High School Education Group, it’s designed for K-2 educational purposes. This app is a fun and engaging exercise to break from the normal exercises.

  2. Spelling Hero – In order to save the day, you must spell words correctly! What a unique premise to get students up and spell in a fun way.

  • Over 1,000 words sorted by difficulty

  • Pronunciation and definitions provided

  • Global high scores


Social Studies:

  1. Fotopedia Heritage – Bring the worlds to your classroom. Fotopedia has an expansive collection of photos from places all over the world.

  • Named one of the top 50 apps of all time in Apple’s Hall of Fame

  • Instant Slidehow – transform your iPad into an endless photo frame

  • Retina display – experience the world in a visual stunning way



  1. Idioms – Language learning is hard enough without our local phrases. Teach idioms to your ESL/ELL students in a simple and engaging way.

  • Prepare by topic –animals, business, clothes, food, legal, etc.

  • Over 600 definitions and examines and examples of various idioms

  • Detailed test results and progress meter

  1. ESL Reading Comprehension – Help your ESL/ELL students sharpen their reading comprehension with quick and interactive lessons. Identify key concepts words and develop familiarity with common phrasings.

  • Vocabulary list with audio and definition

  • Build sentences quiz with audio features

  • Cloze quiz with audio features

  • Story listening with audio

  1. Learn English (Hello-Hello) – Help your ESL/ELL students learn more effectively with top selling English courses in US, UK, Spain, Italy, France and many more.

  • Convenient to learn directly from the iPad

  • Effective and developed from research-based mobile immersion methodology

  • Relevant with real world topics

  • Fun to learn and with animated videos and interactive exercises


Art Tools:

  1. The Color Game – Have your students take turns trying to match the color in this conceptual color game. By turning up and down the colors, match shades from memory. Interestingly enough, it could possibly identify colorblind children.

  2. MOMA – Visit the Museum of Modern Art without setting foot outside the classroom. Take a visual field trip through the beautiful and crazy floors of one of the famous museums in the world.

  3. Musee de Louvre – With over 500 images to zoom in on, enjoy the artistic splendor of one of the largest museums of the world. Take a tour of the palace, or just inspire your students with beautiful artwork.



  1. Scales and Modes Quiz – Test your students’ knowledge of music theory with this quick quiz. Identify major/minor scales and modes by sound, or repeat the quiz a few times to tune your ear.

  2. Music Learning Lab – Geared for younger music learners, help students identify tempo, recognize instruments and even compose their own pieces.

  • Learn new musical skills, complete lessons and unlocks more instruments

  • Create musical pieces and listen to them being performed by animated characters

  • Play and practice new skills with three fun mini-games



  1. Duolingo – app that is highly acclaimed by its user. Learn languages in your spare time to better communicate with the world in English, French, Spanish languages, etc.

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