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"Teaching reading is complex and challenging," and "without a doubt, teaching reading and language is a job for a quick-minded, informed, committed, flexible, and knowledgeable professional."- Moats. L. C. 2001

Whole Language Approach vs. Code/phonics Approach

to Literacy Instruction

Whole language approach

  • is being taught in our schools today

  • is the primary cause of the reading crisis in Canada, United States and around the world 

  • is teaching reading without breaking the English language down into its parts

  • presumes that children will learn to read naturally through exposure to literature

  • has a minimal, incidental or no instruction at all to learn how to read and spell

  • instructs children to look at the pictures of a children's book to guess unknown words

  • guessing words is actually the emphasis of the instruction

  • to be continued...

Why is my child with dyslexia struggles to learn how to read and spell in a traditional way of teaching - whole language approach

  • Words become just things to children with dyslexia taught by the whole language approach and if they have not seen the words, they cannot read and spell the words, therefore they also cannot comprehend what they read. They cannot read!


Why can't my child learn to read and spell in a traditional way of teaching (whole language approach)?


What is the most effective literacy approach (learning to read and spell) for my child who is dyslexic --- code/phonics approach

Code/Phonics approach

Code/phonics approach is the most effective method for literacy intruction but teaching reading and spelling requires considerable expertise in reading psychology, reading instruction and the structure of the language - avery specific field of study and formal education. 

to be continued...


 Your decision today is your CHILD'S tomorrow!

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