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Children who learn to read and spell without difficulty can intuit the language structure just as some children who learn easily with numbers and facts, as well as particular music, sports, and other interest.

Researchers in the literacy community believed that at least 1/3 of children learn to read and spell easily and therefore can comprehend what they read regardless of the approach used to instruct them. That is also the reason why these children have fewer challenges with the school approach to teaching called the whole language method.

These children have well-developed “wiring” for language and print processing inside their brains and all the necessary connections for learning to read and spell were laid down correctly during fetal development. Also, they have met their developmental milestones during the early years of their lives without difficulties and challenges and they have not inherited any genetic conditions that would prevent them from acquiring basic literacy skills. 

They have a strong ability to link speech sounds and even to letters, thus they are learning phonics on their own without knowing the rules of the language.  They can recognize repetitive patterns and concepts quickly, accurately, and unconsciously and have the ability to figure out and teach themselves new patterns as they encounter them with very little or no instruction and examples.


Imagine if these students will be taught the most effective method of learning to read and spell with the language they need to learn that has the alphabetic principle like English and French; they can even learn to read and spell better and faster!

to be continued...

 Your decision today is your CHILD'S tomorrow!

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