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Teaching Students to Learn How to Read by Guessing Words Through Pictures on the Book - A Wrong Approach

Pictures of the books cannot teach children to learn how to read and spell correctly; do NOT teach them to look at the pictures and guess the words.


The illustrations of the books help to stimulate the children's appetite and curiosity for reading and ignite the sparks of a love of reading and could enhance the development of their literacy skills. But the pictures in the books do not and cannot teach the children to learn to read and spell words correctly.


As you have noticed, the pictures of the children`s books are getting smaller and smaller and later disappear as the levels of the books get higher. Therefore if the children are guessing words by looking at the pictures in the books, how can they be able to read when the books do not have pictures anymore?

Effective teaching in learning to read and spell correctly should be implied at the very beginning of literacy instruction:

to be continued...​

 Your decision today is your CHILD'S tomorrow!

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