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Learn the BEST and the MOST effective reading and spelling skills that you can use for your entire life!

Multisensory Reading System


Literacy training For CLASSROOM EDUCATORs

subject to modification based on the participant/s capacity to learn

Strategies, rules, tips, and digital materials for reading and spelling are included in the training package.

Additional training, sessions, and consultations,  if needed, have additional fees and are subject to our available timeslots 

we give tools and skills with visible and permanent results because we are a one-of-a-kind literacy learning center!

100% SUCCESS  Literacy Intervention, Remediation, & Prevention

Teaching children to learn how to read and spell the English language correctly - meaning without asking the learners to memorize words is not easy because English is a complex language.  The words from the English language come from different sources and languages such as Old and Middle English, Latin and French, etc.,  —each with its phonology, structure, rules, strategies, and techniques.


Also, with close to a million words and counting and has the largest vocabulary and is still growing, the English language has many variants and has one of the most complex alphabetic orthographies. Therefore, the training, workshops, and courses to learn the English language even for teachers must be divided into different levels so that it will not be too overwhelming for the participants.

Together, we can make the impossible, possible!

MRS Orton-Gillingham Training Level 2 TBA

 a multisensory structured Orton-Gillingham approach to language instruction for beginners


Training Schedule Options 2023 TBA

 (materials in working progress)

Our next training should be for grade one, grade two, special needs, and resource teachers but we are open to suggestions and can also customize the training based on your needs. As always, strategies, techniques, tips, and rules of the English language as well as digital materials and support after the training are included in the training package

MRS OG 1- Review, MRS OG 2, MRS OG 3

With strategies and techniques, at the end of grade one level, students with at least low cognitive ability and intact vision and hearing should be able to read & spell known and unknown MRS OG 1, 2, 3, 4 & 5 words

MRS Orton-Gillingham Training Level 3 TBA

MRS Orton-Gillingham Selections of Concepts for Training


MRS OG 1 Closed Syllable, One-Syllable Word

CVC pattern

Floss double ff, ll, ss,

Closed syllable exception: ind, ild, old, ost, olt

Consonant digraphs, closed syllable sh, ck, ch, th, wh, qu, ng, nk

Final/ending blends closed syllable i.e. elk

Trigraph -tch itch, batch

Initial/beginning  with two-letter blends, i.e. sloth, frog, skink

Initial/beginning with three-letter blends  i.e sprint, scratch, splash

MRS OG 2 Closed Syllable, Two-Syllable Words

vowel-consonant, consonant-vowel words i.e. rabbit, chipmunk, squabbish, scrumpox, scrimshank

vc.ccv – os.trich

vcc.ccv – compound – catfish

three-syllable closed syllable words: badminton

MRS OG 3 Vowel-Consonant-E (VCe) Syllable, Silent e and with closed syllable two-syllable words

VCe i.e. cake, mode, dine, mule, rude

closed syllable & VCe i.e vulture, pancake, cakemix

MRS OG 4 Open Syllable, One-Syllable Words Introduction

          open syllable i.e.  me, spy

MRS OG 5 Vowel Teams: Vowel Digraphs & diphthongs & r-controlled introduction

one-syllable common vowel teams: ai, ay, ee, ey, ea, oi, oy, ou, ow, au, aw, oo, oa, igh, eigh   i.e. bear, snow, sleigh

one-syllable word: ar, or, ur, ir, er - carp

MRS OG 6 Vowel Teams: Vowel digraphs & diphthongs, r-controlled, open-syllable Continuation & two syllable words

Two-syllable words vowel team combinations: explain

two-syllable words open syllable combinations: baby, bison, cam el, soft c & g ceindy & geimmy

two-syllable word combinations: explain

MRS 7 R controlled & Suffixes

two-syllable words combinations: parrot

rules adding dropping e, ing

ed – /ed/, /t/, /d/,d -ted, ded,  /d/ banned, /t/  camped

MRS 8 Consonant-l-e Syllable and its exception

two-syllable words combination: cattle, cycle

exception: castle

MRS 9 Exceptions/Schwa/ suffix endings -two-syllable words combination

olive – ive exception


MRS 10 Multisyllabic: two- three-syllable and more with syllable types word combinations

talented –ed three-syllable +  words

attention - -tion, -sion two + more syllable words

an i mal with unstressed & schwa /i/

mon og ram with /o/ long, short, and schwa sounds

con sul tant with/u/ long, short, and schwa sounds

com pre hend  with /e/ long, short and schwa sounds

pu ma, Can a da  with /a/ long, short, and schwa sounds

sur ger y r-controlled three-syllable

enjoyable spelling rule with y

popsicle –cle three-syllable +

MRS 11 Additional suffixes, advanced concepts


ance, ant, ence, ery, ory,ous,  ic, ist, ism, ity, ize, ible,…

MRS 12 additional sounds: advanced concepts:

  • rh, mb, mn, gn, kn, etc..

  • lion, violin, create…

  • ci, ti, tu, ture architecture

  • with syllable division word pattern:  ar  chi  tec  ture


 Your students' SUCCESS  is just a click away!

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Multisensory Reading Clinic Dyslexia Therapeutic Tutoring     Orton-Gillingham Instruction

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