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Our Reading Specialist

For more than ten years, Ruth Tougas has helped the university, college, secondary, and elementary students and individuals from the community to succeed.


Fresh from college, she landed her first career as the first local NBC FM newscaster and later worked as one of the pioneering first four local television hosts. She discovered her passion for teaching while working as a college instructor at the General Santos Institute of Arts & Technology where she was also the director of the school’s FM training station, the only one of its kind in the city.


Later, she had tutored students with disabilities and facilitated workshops at Concordia University and the YMCA, and then worked as a Literacy Specialist at the Lester Pearson School in Verdun, Montreal. She assessed individual students' reading strengths and needs, recommended by the Resource team, and provided literacy intervention and remediation to nonreaders and struggling readers with unparalleled SUCCESS 


With the goals of providing effective lifetime solution to individuals with difficulties in learning to read, write, spell, and comprehend and to accommodate students from different schools and communities, on September 20, 2015, the ​Multisensory Reading Clinic was born - and all who have asked for her help, young and old, have made significant and permanent gains!


Besides, she also works as a Literacy Consultant specializing in helping individuals with dyslexia and with other disabilities and disorders. Furthermore, she gives literacy training and workshops to teachers and parents, mostly at schools in Laval and Montreal areas.


She has a Bachelor of Arts degree in Language and Literature. She studied Applied Human Sciences, specializing in Human Relations, at Concordia University, where she graduated with distinction. She has also studied inclusive education (special needs) at McGill with a GPA of 3.84/4.0.


A Kurzweil 3000 Trainer, with expertise in customizing instructions based on individuals’ specific needs, she is also a Learning Disability Specialist, an Assistive Technology Specialist, and a Learning Strategist for individuals with learning disabilities and disorders and with mental illness, where during her studies she achieved the highest grade of 99% and the average grade of 92% and graduated as SCHOLARS with perfect GPA (4.0/4.0) in all of the three programs.

A dyslexic herself, she has experience and training in different reading programs: The Wilson Reading System, the RX for Discovery Reading, the PCI Reading Program, and the Recipe for Reading, to mention only a few. She has also traveled extensively to the United States to obtain her Orton-Gillingham intensive training in Associate and Certified Levels and incorporate the Orton-Gillingham approach into her teaching. She also attends workshops and conferences both in Canada and in the United States to stay informed about education trends.  

Furthermore, she is also a professional member of the International Dyslexia Association (IDA) in the United States and Canada, membership restricted to professionals who have specialized training in structured instruction that aligns with the IDA Standards.


 Your decision today is your CHILD'S tomorrow!

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