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Although your six-year-old child would not tell you that he has difficulty learning to read, he knows he has a problem learning to read. He is wondering why his classmates can figure out how to read those words and why he cannot do it. He is asking himself how did they do that. Am I really dumb? Reading is a mystery for your child. He is very embarrassed that he cannot read. As a parent how do you know that your child needs help in learning to read, spell and comprehend?

  1. Your child is reluctant to go to school and demonstrates no excitement about going to school.  His head is down, his body slumped over and looking at the floor as he walked down toward you.

  2. He is increasingly uncomfortable at school or even fearful of school.

  3. His behavior especially during school days has changed unexpectedly and dramatically. He is losing self-confidence as the year progressed. He is anxious and rarely smiles.

  4. Problem learning to read is hereditary, you and your partner either have difficulties learning to read or have blood relatives with a history of learning disabilities.

  5. You have other children with difficulties in learning to read, write, spell and comprehend, as well as problems associated with language skills.

  6. Complications during pregnancy and birth, accidents after birth, and your environment and surroundings are other factors that your child is vulnerable to the reading problem.

  7. Your child has had other signs of language difficulties since he was litt


There is no benefit of waiting that he might catch up because he won't catch up instead, he will fall further behind. 

 Your decision today is your CHILD'S tomorrow!

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