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Free Professional Development & Training for Six Kindergarten Teachers: Multisensory Reading Clinic

Free Professional Development and Training for Six Kindergarten Teachers from Different Schoolboards in Greater Montreal and the Province of Quebec

We are looking for six kindergarten teachers from different school boards in Greater Montreal and the Province of Quebec to test, try, and use our Multisensory Reading System (MRS) Sounds Structured Handwriting Workbook for kindergarten.

What will you get in return?

1. Knowledge and training on how to teach the sounds and write the letters of the alphabet correctly. The letter formations of the sounds are arranged structurally with the same place to begin writing and with the same direction of writing. The process of continuity in writing avoids confusion and helps students gain muscle control and memory when writing the letters and learning the sounds simultaneously

2. Strategies and tips on how to teach the sounds with keywords to remember the sounds: confusions of the sounds c &k, g& j, reversals of b&d, p&b, etc

3. How to quickly identify the at-risk students and what to do with them

4. Strategies with materials to help students with dysgraphia to gain muscle control and help to develop the writing and letter formation skills

5.Supervision and guidance during the entire testing of the workbook: on-site and/or virtual

6. Additional references to your resume that you have prior training and supervision from us in teaching the sounds of the English language

7. A copy of our MRS Sounds Structured Handwriting Workbook for your entire teaching career.

8. MRS poster of the sounds for your classroom wall with keywords and pictures to get and remember the sounds

9. MRS Ruled sheets (7 sheets) for your students and for your entire teaching career.

What will your students get:

Each of your students will get a copy of our MRS Sounds Structured Handwriting Workbook and through our workbook, they will learn how to say the sounds, get and remember the sounds, and write the sounds of the letters of the English language correctly at the same time ---- in preparation for learning to read, write, spell and comprehend our next level of the workbook

What we cannot provide:

Printing of our materials

What do we want:

Feedback: Through our workbook, we want the students to learn the concepts quickly and effectively but we also want them to enjoy using our workbook.

Ideal candidates will have three or more years of prior experience in a kindergarten teaching role. Do not miss this opportunity. Apply today!

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