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MRS Orton-Gillingham CVC Word List for Struggling & Dyslexia Students Reading & Spelling Practice

Multisensory Reading System Orton-Gillingham CVC word list of more than 400 words for reading and spelling practice; the words are arranged structurally, followed by fluency both for real and nonsense words.

CVC is an abbreviation for a consonant-vowel-consonant pattern of words. It is a simple word because it has consonant, vowel, and consonant sounds.

This CVC word list is based on Dr. Orton’s prescribed treatment who later worked with Anna Gillingham for students with specific language disabilities now called dyslexia.

It is ideal for struggling readers and students with mild and severe dyslexia who can read and spell but need help for practice and fluency.

Normally taught in kindergarten and grade one, the CVC words are the foundations for learning to read and spell. If the students cannot read and spell them automatically, they would find it difficult to move to the next level of reading and spelling such as the longer words.

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