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Phonological skills - the MOST effective method to identify at-risk students: Contact us!

Phonological skills not only predict reading success but also the most effective, the easiest, the fastest and the cheapest method to identify the at-risk students. Contact us for our 100% money-back dyslexia treatment and/or be an effective reading teacher:

Phonological skills refer to the ability to identify, manipulate and remember the sounds – connect, remove, add and separate the sounds such as connecting the sounds of s, m, a, sh = smash; removing the sound of n from the word jungle= juggle; adding the sound s at the beginning of the word witch = switch; separating the sound shower = sh, ow, er

If the student can manipulate the sounds, you can predict his reading success but if he has trouble manipulating the sounds it identifies that he would have trouble learning to read. This theory applies to any language with an alphabetic writing system that represents language at the sound level such as English and French. Click here to learn more:

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