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The Schools' Wrong Method of Literacy Instruction is The Primary Cause of Students' Academic Failure

The primary cause of students' academic failure is how reading, as well as spelling, is being taught in our schools today. This controversial approach to teaching reading and spelling is commonly referred to in a literacy research society as the "whole language" method in which students are instructed to look at the pictures in a children's book and guess the unknown words from the overall story or the meaning of the words.

Although some reading teachers are now adding to their instruction the phonics and teaching students to break language down into its parts, they are doing it in a very wrong way - another incorrect method of approach to teaching. For example, they are adding the sound of /a/ to the sounds of /m/, /n/ and /r/. They are also telling the students to divide longer words without the explanation of why the words need to divide in certain ways. I suspect that the reading teachers do not know the structure of the English language. The main reason why they cannot explain it.

Reading teachers, have mercy on our children, get proper training. You are confusing the students with your teaching.



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