A reading evaluation is mandatory before our Multisensory Reading & Spelling Program is initiated and the report is valid for our therapeutic tutoring until five months depending on the intervention methods the student has obtained and or if the student has not received any remediation.


The payment via Interac of the reading assessment service fee only, no written report (additional $1,200.00 with the report, which will be arranged by a psychologist) must be received within 24 hours upon receipt of our notification and the password of the payment must be the name of the Student. Once we received the payment, we will send the schedule of the Student's evaluation, the forms that need to fill out and you will also send us the Student's psychological assessment.

We recommend the Student (only) that needs to be tested to come to our office. His/her parent/s must wait outside, if you can come to our office.


The Student will be touching our surface and materials that other people have touched on, therefore for everyone's safety we require the following:

1. No symptoms of covid-19

2. Wear a mask, a pair of gloves and a pair of socks (remove your shoes, please) at all times - MANDATORY

Reading Assessment Service Fee Only

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