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We start learning to read, write, and spell by learning the sounds correctly, not by learning the names of the letters of the alphabet!


Get your little one on the path to reading, writing, spelling, and comprehension success with this pre-kindergarten comprehensive more than 140 activity workbook.


Designed to provide a solid foundation for learning to read, write, spell and comprehend with engaging multisensory activities that focus on phonics, handwriting skills, shapes and sound recognition of the English language letters, your child will develop essential language skills in a fun and interactive way.

Using the Orton Gillingham approach it ensures that each lesson is structured to accommodate various learning styles, making it suitable for children at different levels. Whether used at home or in a classroom setting, this workbook is the ideal tool for nurturing a strong literacy base in your little one.

This Pre-Kindergarten Workbook is a part of our eight-series workbooks to help every child learn how to read, write, spell and comprehend effectively, efficiently, and affordably from our more than 10 years of 100% success literacy intervention, remediation, and prevention. 

It is also ideal for children who have severe dyslexia and need more practice in learning the sounds.

We recommend the Kindergarten level after this workbook for a structured and smooth transition of learning. 


Difference between this Pre-K and Kindergarten WorkbooksPre-Kindergarten - more pictures, tracing and practice in learning the sounds.

Kindergarten - less pictures, less tracing and more writing in learning the sounds.

Say it Trace it Write it Basic Speech Sounds Orton Gillingham Pre-K Workbook

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