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Do not let your struggling child repeat a grade- his teacher does not know how to teach reading!

Updated: Dec 10, 2021

Why would you let your struggling child repeat a grade? What is the difference between his teacher's reading instruction this year to next year's?

Repeating a grade would ruin your child's life but in order to understand your child's situation, you need to be in his shoes. How would you feel seeing your classmates in grade three while you were in grade two again? How would you interact with them every day and the years to come in the school's hallway and playground and maybe in the neighborhood's park, amusement center, etc?

Your struggling dyslexic child is not learning to read at school because his teacher does not know how to teach him to read and spell correctly and perhaps it is beyond your child's reading teacher's capability to instruct your child. If you let your child repeat a grade and there is no coorect instruction, your child is just relearning by memorizing the same words. Are you going to let him repeat the grade for next year too?

Repeating a grade is definitely not the solution for your struggling child's reading, spelling and comprehension problems but a one-to-one individualized expert literacy instruction to better himself and the more you wait for his dyslexia treatment, the more your child will suffer academically, socially, behaviorally and psychologically!

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