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Doesn't My Child Learn to Read At School? Why She Still Struggles to Read, A Parent's Story No.1

Updated: Apr 16, 2021

I had done what everyone always told me to do in preparing my child for reading instruction:

  • teach the alphabet, and

  • read, read, read to your child

It is the school's turn to take my highly prepared child and make her a great reader. We chose our daughter's school based on its reputation and with excellent teachers many of whom had graduate degrees and even post-graduate degrees from one of the best universities in our country. I was confident that my daughter's first-grade teacher would teach her to read, her teacher is a professional and must have the expertise and experience in teaching children to read. We would wait for her to instruct our daughter to read and spell while I continued to read to our child daily.

The school year is almost finished but why my child still struggles to read even simple words? Parents most of the time, assumed that their child's reading teacher is an expert and well-trained in teaching reading and spelling, however, their speculation is always wrong especially for parents with struggling children.

The POWER of Knowing

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