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Effective literacy treatment: the cure for your dyslexic reading, spelling, & comprehension problems

Reading success begins with early diagnosis, and effective literacy treatment is the cure for your dyslexic child’s reading and spelling problems. Unable to read well is also the caused of his comprehension problem.

Your struggling first grader will fall further behind if you won’t seek appropriate help as soon as possible for his reading and spelling problems and once behind in reading and spelling, he might not be able to catch up to grade level unless he receives intensive, individualized, costly and expert literacy instruction.

Poor reading is also the source of your child’s problem . Your six-year-old is fearful of school and his behaviour changes unexpectedly during school days. He does not want to go to school and he does not want to make friends at school because he is embarrassed why he cannot read when his other classmates can figure out how to read those words.

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