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Free learning to read workshops with consultations RuthTougas Series for parents with dyslexia kids

​ We have received questions for our upcoming workshops with consultations Ruth Tougas Series such as the following:

1. What a child must know to be ready to read

2. What does my child know to be ready to read?

3. What is a learning disability?

4. What can I do to help my child at home

5. Can my child with dyslexia be successful at school?

6. Why my child can`t learn at school`s reading instruction method?

7. The Internet has tons of reading program claiming as effective to help my child read well including yours, and like other parents I am so confused what and to whom to believe, what is the most effective reading program for my child? Is one method better that another?

What do you want to know so that we can arrange our workshops based on the interest of the participants; let us know ,

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