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How do we test for dyslexia? A simple question with a simple answer! Multisensory Reading Clinic

How do we test for dyslexia? It is a very simple question with a very simple explanation and yet there are hundreds of misleading answers on the Internet, ambiguous and wrong recommendations by supposed to be professionals that have nothing do to with effective treatment and deceitful solutions by some tutors and tutoring centers for dyslexic nonreaders and struggling readers.

Dyslexia means dys – difficulty; lex – words = difficulty with words! Therefore the testing for dyslexia is all about words of the language you wish to evaluate, and it involves the way the student expresses himself in writing, reading, and speaking.

Since dyslexia is a problem about words, the recommendations and solutions should also be about words and it starts with finding the root cause of the problem and the solutions to the root cause of the problem.

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