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How do you know if your child would struggle to read ? Phoneme awareness: a poor or good reader...

Your child’s ability to manipulate the minimal pair of sounds is the earliest clue for a kindergarten and a grade one student that he would have problems in reading, spelling, and reading comprehension.

It is at the phoneme awareness. Phoneme awareness also called phonemic awareness refers to one aspect of phonological awareness or phonological skills. It is a conscious awareness that words are made of speech sounds and manipulate them to make words. The ability to distinguish and manipulate sounds at the phoneme level such as bat to mat, and tam to tab is extremely important because through these skills we can distinguish the children who would have problems in reading and spelling.

It is for this reason that early intervention in kindergarten and grade one who show the warning signs of dyslexia are critically important for better outcomes later on and expert teaching is the solution to your child's sounding out words, reading, spelling, and reading comprehension problems:

Multisensory Reading Clinic 100% Money-Back Dyslexia Treatment, 100% Success Dyslexia Literacy Intervention, Remediation, & Prevention!

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Multisensory Reading Clinic

100% Money-Back Dyslexia Treatment

100% Success Dyslexia Literacy Intervention, Remediation and Prevention

100% Success Multisensory Reading and Spelling Program

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