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Sharing another Kiddo's amazing successful story, thank you for the flowers that will never wilt!

I actually received these beautiful flowers made of egg cardboard a few years ago and this Kiddo put her heart and enourmous effort, as well as spent her precious time into coming up with this idea just for me...


I am so blessed and overjoyed!


Never in my mind that sharing little things like this could inspire others that students with specific language disability, language impairments and other disabilities i.e. ADHD, mild autism, etc., can learn to read by themselves and be successful in their chosen field; they just need the correct instruction, but you have to seek help as soon as possible! It is well worth it…


My message board from our amazing kiddos and their parents is so overflowing that I have to remove some of them all the time and put them in my treasure vault. Thus, it will take more than a year to share all of them.


successful dyslexia student Multisensory Reading Clinic Orton-Gillingham Montreal
Successful dyslexia student Multisensory Reading Clinic

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